5 Day(s)


A hands on introduction to programming in Visual BASIC .Net


  • Anyone wishing to program in Visual BASIC.
  • Anyone wishing to build Windows based applications.

Skills Gained

By the end of the course delegates will be able to

  • Build Visual BASIC applications.
  • Build simple components.
  • Debug Visual BASIC programs.
  • Examine existing code and determine its function.


  • None although experience in another high level language would be useful.

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Writing your first program

Visual Studio, forms designer, running VB programs, the UI, properties, writing the code

Toolbox Controls

Basic use, input controls, ActiveX controls

Menus and Dialog Boxes

Menus, Dialog Box controls, event procedures

Visual Basic .NET variables and operators

Variables, I/O, data types, constants, operators, Math Methods, precedence

Decision Structures and Loops and Timers

Event-Driven programming, If...Then, Select Case, For...Next Loops, Timer Control

Debugging Visual Basic .NET Programs

Break Mode, watch and command windows

Structured Error Handling

Try...Catch, Finally, Err Object, retry periods

Modules and Procedures

Standard modules, public variables, procedures

Arrays and Collections to Manage Data

Fixed-Size and dynamic Arrays, ReDim Preserve, object collections, Controls Collection

Text Files and String Processing

Text Box object, Text String methods, sorting

Automating Office Applications

Application objects, automation in VB, the Object Browser, the Process Component

Deploying Visual Basic .NET Applications

Planning a deployment, ways to deploy an application, deployment projects, options

Managing Windows Forms

Forms, positioning, manipulation, adding controls, organizing controls, Startup Object

Adding Graphics and Animation Effects

System.Drawing namespace, coordinates, SystemPaint Event, animation, transparency

Inheriting Forms and Creating Base Classes

Inheriting forms, inheritance picker, base classes and inheritance, classes in projects

Working with Printers

PrintDocument class, Text Box object, Print Preview and Page Setup Dialog Boxes

Database programming with ADO.NET

Databases, ADO.NET, Data Adapters, Datasets, Bound and Navigation Controls. Displaying database records, formatting DataGrid cells, updating the database

Displaying HTML Documents Using IE

IE Object, Internet Controls, IE Events

Web Forms for Interactive Web Applications

ASP.NET, Web Forms vs. Windows Forms, HTML controls, web applications, event procedures for web forms controls

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Upcoming Dates

Course Location Days Cost Date
5 3133 £3133 2018-07-16
5 3133 £3133 2018-06-04
5 3133 £3133 2018-03-19
5 3133 £3133 2017-11-27
5 2500 £2500 2017-11-15
5 2500 £2500 2017-10-09
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5 2500 £2500 2017-09-04
5 2500 £2500 2017-08-28
5 2500 £2500 2017-08-15
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5 2500 £2500 2017-08-08
5 3133 £3133 2017-07-31