3 Day(s)


What you will learn:Oracle Coherence is an in-memory data grid solution which addresses the four main problems of applications today: availability, reliability,scalability, and raw performance. Coherence is a complex product designed for ease of use, installation and management. However, like any product it does require regular monitoring and review

During this course, participants will learn the core tasks required of a Coherence administrator, including installation and configuration. Details of application deployment, from multiple perspectives are reviewed and documented in depth. Monitoring is introduced and described in terms of core functional areas. Issues and troubleshooting complete the administration picture giving the participant, the tools required to administer any Coherence cluster. The class then closes with a discussion of Coherence security and Coherence *Extend, introducing the administrator to the complete spectrum of his or her daily tasks and operations


  • Administrator
  • Architect
  • Web Administrator
  • SOA Architect

Skills Gained

  • Configure and use Coherence core capabilities and administrative features
  • Monitor a Coherence Cluster
  • Describe and Troubleshoot common Coherence problems
  • Install and script Coherence Clusters
  • Configure Coherence *Extend and Coherence *Web


Required Prerequisites:

  • Familiar with Java concepts
  • Familiar with XML concepts
  • Familiar with network concepts

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Course Introduction

  • Overview of course

Introduction to Coherence

  • What is Coherence?
  • About the Coherence Administrator
  • Coherence Concepts and Architecture
  • Supported platforms, integrations and versions
  • Overview of Coherence, WLS and Active Cache
  • Coherence Installation

Managing a Cluster

  • Understanding Cluster startup
  • About Ports, protocols and the Coherence environment
  • Environment Testing
  • Member provisioning
  • Scripting Startup

Configuring Coherence Caches

  • How is Coherence configured?
  • How are caches configured?
  • Scheme Structure and required elements
  • Scheme Details
  • Quorum and Service Guardian

Introduction to Coherence Monitoring

  • Coherence Management Concents
  • What is JMX, Reporter and others?
  • Coherence JMX management
  • Accessing the Coherence MBeans
  • About Coherence Reporter
  • Developing Custom Reports

Coherence Cluster Monitoring

  • Describe the concepts
  • About Stability
  • About Performance
  • About Balance
  • About Capacity

Coherence Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning

  • Discuss Heap Exhaustion
  • About Unindex query
  • About Unresponsive Services
  • About Split brain
  • Discuss Performance Tuning

Coherence *Extend and Coherence *Web

  • Overview of Concepts
  • Configuring Coherence*Extend
  • Best Practices of Coherence*Extend
  • Configuring Coherence*Web
  • Best Practices of Coherence*Web

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