1-2 Day(s)


This course covers all aspects of administering the Quality Centre implementation, from the Site Admin utility through to project customisation and workflow

The course covers best practices, how to maintain Quality Centre projects and how to resolve typical day-to-day issues and implement user requests

Throughout the course practical examples are demonstrated, and the delegates get to practice what they have learned in each chapter within Quality Centre


The course is intended for anyone that will be administering Quality Centre

Skills Gained

  • Understand the QC architecture
  • Know every aspect of the Site Admin utility, QC project management, site configuration, users, licences, implementing company-wide policies
  • Gain a full understanding of project customisation, including user group permissions, custom fields, automail and alerts, workflow and the VBScript editor.
  • Get to know best practices in implementing and maintaining QC.
  • By the end of the course you should have a complete understanding of all aspects of QC administration.

Course Specifics

Course Outline

The QC Architecture

Understand the architecture of QC, the admin components of QC, and the file structure of the repository

Managing Users

How to setup new users, and import users from a global level, resetting passwords, making users administrators, deleting and removing users, adding users to projects

Managing Domains and Projects

How to create domains and projects, importing/exporting projects, activating/deactivating, removing and deleting projects. The project table structure, copying projects

Template projects

How to create template projects then create new projects from the template. How to link projects to a template. How to implement cross-project customisation

Managing Site Connections and Licences

How to monitor users, disconnect users, import licences, modify licences, licence types

Server and Database Connectivity

Setup of logs for QC Servers. Setting up new database connections

Server Configuration

Site Parameters, how to implement organisation-wide policies, renaming QC modules at a global and local level

User Groups and Permissions

Creating new user groups, setting permissions, changing module-level access, how to use data-hiding filters

Customising Projects

Custom fields, custom look-up lists, making fields mandatory, turning on history for fields, defining Requirement types, editing RBQM constants

Configuring Automail and Alert Rules

Setting up Automail server side and at a project level. Creating mail conditions. Using alert rules


Using the defect workflow wizards. How to use the VBScript editor to automate tasks in your QC project

Template Projects

How to set up Template projects and linking them to new projects

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