2 Day(s)


The CDM for Co-ordinators course will provide a good understanding of the associated roles and responsibilities and the relationships between the duty holders under the CDM regulations

This course will also provide a good awareness for other duty holders under CDM regulations, the client, designers, principle contractor and contractors


The CDM co-ordinator course caters for all duty holders under CDM regulations 2007 but is predominantly aimed for CDM co-ordinators (previously planning supervisors)

Course Specifics

Course Outline

  • Identify the difference between a notifiable and non - notifiable construction project.
  • Understand the main requirements of the CDM regulations and how they apply to duty holders.
  • Demonstrate appropriate procedures for effective communication, co-operation and co-ordination between the relevant parties.
  • Advise clients to enable them to legally discharge their duties.
  • Critically examine the content, function and components of the safety plan and safety file.
  • Appreciate the significance of competence and adequacy of resourcing issues.
  • Understand the co-ordination required in the design process, in particular design inherent safety.
  • Demonstrably prove an understanding of the risk assessment process, evaluate the quality of risk assessments provided by others and to facilitate the risk assessment as part of a team.

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Upcoming Dates

Course Location Days Cost Date
2 1000 £1000 2018-07-16
2 1000 £1000 2017-11-16
2 1000 £1000 2017-09-29
2 1000 £1000 2017-09-19
2 1000 £1000 2017-09-18
2 1000 £1000 2017-08-31
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