2 Day(s)


This hands-on course provides technical coordinators and system administrators with the skills, tools and knowledge to deploy and maintain iOS based devices and provision in-house developed apps. Delegates will learn how to utilise iTunes for activation, backup/restore and updating. They will discuss, compare and utilise the different methods of creating and deploying iOS Configuration Profiles, learn how to integrate iOS based devices effectively into a Microsoft Exchange(r) network using Exchange ActiveSync(r) is covered and lastly, how to configure and utilise a Mobile Device Management server


Delegates should have a good understanding of Mac OS X, some experience of Mac OS X Server or Microsoft Exchange Server and experience with iOS-based devices. Specifically, delegates should have:

  • Basic troubleshooting experience OR
  • Mac OS X Support Essentials v10.6 and basic Mac OS X Server experience OR
  • Mac OS X Server Essentials v10.6 OR
  • Some experience of Mac OS X Server or Microsoft Exchange Server and experience using iOS-based devices

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Working with Local Devices

  • Compare iTunes activation modes
  • Discuss and utilise different backup and restore methodologies
  • Best practice for updating iOS devices and end-user usage

iPhone Configuration Utility

  • Introduction to iPhone Configuration Utility
  • Creating configuration profiles including device security, application usage, user restriction, collaboration information and certificates
  • Exporting and distributing
  • profiles via Web, e-mail and other methods
  • Security considerations of manually distributing profiles and best practice to ensure they are a kept secure

Integrating with Microsoft Exchange (r)

  • Using Microsoft Exchange (r) via Exchange ActiveSync (r)
  • Compare and contrast the versions that can be used and which features of Exchange (r) can be utilised
  • Understand how the Exchange ActiveSync(R) process works with iOS devices and how to troubleshoot it
  • Practical exercises on integrating with Exchange(R) via E-mail, Calendar and Contacts

Mobile App Provisioning

  • iOS Developer programs, the differing types and where they differ from each other in the options they give an organisation
  • How to provision in-house developed apps using provisioning profiles and how to deploy ad-hoc apps for beta testing
  • How to install and use the iPhone SDK and understand what is required to develop web apps and native apps

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Utilising Mobile Device Management with Mac OS X Server/Microsoft Exchange server
  • How to configure and provision iOS devices 'over the air' (OTA) via SCEP

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Upcoming Dates

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