10 Day(s)


This fast-track course combines 15 days of training from three separate courses into 10 days and covers the essentials of Avaya Aura Contact Center installation, administration, and scripting.

You will learn to install the License Manager, Server Utility, Service Creation Environment, Agent Desktop Displays, and user client software. You will learn how to access Contact Center Manager Administration and how to configure Threshold Classes, Call Presentation Classes, Skillsets, Call Center Agents, and Call Center Supervisors. You also will learn to configure Administrators through the multiple components of Access and Partition Management.

You will cover methods of system management, including viewing, creating, and modifying tabular and graphical real-time displays, and interpreting, viewing, modifying, and scheduling standard and user-defined historical reports. Finally, you will learn to plan and create applications (scripts and flows) using the basic script commands and elements in the Service Creation Environment tool, available with Avaya Aura Contact Center Manager.

This course is essential for anyone who will support the Avaya Aura Contact Center platform


Experienced technicians and other personnel who are familiar with Contact Center products and want to learn the essentials of Avaya Aura Contact Center

Skills Gained

  • After you complete this course you will be able to:
  • Install and configure Contact Center Manager Server
  • Basics of SIP
  • Back Up and Restore Data
  • Add and Configure Contact Center Manager Administration
  • Install and Configure Client Software
  • Administer Resources
  • Contact Center Manager elements
  • Access Contact Center Manager Administration
  • Configure Threshold Classes
  • Configure Call Presentation Classes and Multiplicity Presentation Classes
  • Configure Skillsets
  • Cnfigure Contact Center Management
  • Configure Access and Partition Management
  • Configure Real-Time Statistics and Formulas
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Configure Historical Statistics
  • Interpret Historical Reports
  • Schedule and Print Historical Reports
  • Write, Validate, and Edit Basic Applications Using the Flow and Script Editors
  • Perform Basic Application Administration Tasks within the Service Creation Environment Tool
  • Intrinsics and Their Use within Applications
  • Global vs. Call Variables
  • Create, Edit, and Delete Variablesnand


Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Attendance at the following courses:
  • Meridian 1 and Communication Server 1000 6.0 Familiarization (0200)
  • Communication Server 1000 6.0 System Administration and Management (0777)
  • Nortel Communication Server 1000E Installation and Commissioning (0946)

Course Specifics

Course Outline

We discuss the following topics:

  • Unstalling the Contact Center Manager Server
  • SIP Overview
  • Backing Up and Restoring Data
  • Adding and Configuring Contact Center Manager Administration
  • Instlling and Configuring Client Software
  • Administering Switch Resources
  • Contact Center Manager Administration Access
  • Threshold Classes
  • Call Presentation Classes
  • Skillsets
  • Contact Center Management
  • Access and Partition Management
  • Historical Statistics
  • Interpreting Reports
  • Historical Reporting
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Service Creation Environment Overview
  • Aplication Variables
  • Intrinsics and Expressions
  • Creating Applications using Scripting Commands and Blocks

Thinking about Onsite?

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Upcoming Dates

Course Location Days Cost Date
10 2650 £2650 2018-07-17
10 2650 £2650 2017-10-10
10 2650 £2650 2017-10-09
10 2650 £2650 2017-10-09
10 2650 £2650 2017-09-04
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