2 Day(s)


The seminar introduces the modules included in Fusion Financials.The course covers the features of the new Fusion User Interface ,with embedded real time intelligence and new productivity tools. How business processes incorporated in this new UI drive efficiency in business processing are then discussed in each of the Financial Modules(covering Fusion General Ledger, Sub ledger accounting, Payables, Expenses, Payments, Tax, Receivables, Advanced Collections, Cash Management and Fixed Assets.) Learn To: Understand the components of the Fusion UI and common Fusion components, Understand Fusion Tax, Understand Fusion GL, Sub Ledger accounting and the Fusion Accounting hub, Understand Fusion Receivables and Fusion Advanced Collections, Understand Fusion Payables , Fusion Payments and expenses and Understand Fusion Fixed Assets


  • Business Analysts
  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Project Manager

Skills Gained

  • Understand the Fusion Application suite
  • Understand the Fusion User Interface with embedded Business Intelligence
  • Understand the features of Fusion General Ledger
  • Understand the features in Sub ledger accounting and the Fusion Accounting Hub
  • Understand the features of Fusion Payables , Expenses and Payments
  • Understand the features of Fusion Tax
  • Understand the features of Fusion Receivables and Advanced Collections
  • Understand the features of Fusion Cash Managment
  • Understand the feature of Fusion Fixed Assets

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Introduction to Fusion Application

  • What are Fusion Applications
  • Deployment options for Fusion Applications.

Fusion User Experience

  • Introduction to Fusion User Interface
  • Navigation option in Fusion

Fusion Business Intelligence and Reporting

  • Overview of Fusion Financials Reporting Solution

Overview of Functional Setup Manager

  • Key Features of Setup Manager
  • Functional Manager set up flow

Fusion Financial Concepts

  • Enterprise model
  • Reference data sharing
  • Security

Fusion General Ledger

  • Components in a Ledger
  • General Accounting dashboard
  • Allocation
  • Inquiry and Analysis
  • Financial Reporting options

Fusion sub ledger Accounting

  • Key Concepts in sub ledger accounting
  • Fusion Highlights

Inter Company(AGIS) and Inter Company Balancing

  • Fusion Intercompany Transaction processing
  • Jourmal Balancing
  • Multiple Balancing segments
  • Intercompany Reconciliation

Fusion Accounting Hub

  • Overview of Fusion Accounting Hub
  • Set up options for Fusion Accounting Hub
  • Reporting and Analysis tools

Fusion Tax

  • Overview of tax model
  • Tax Simulation
  • Tax on Transaction
  • Tax Reporting

Fusion Payables and Payment

  • Overview of Payables dashboard
  • Invoice Work Area
  • Invoicing - Integrated Imaging
  • Overview of Payments
  • Payments Work Area

Fusion Expenses

  • Expenses Work Area
  • Expenses transaction processing

Fusion Receivables and Advanced Collections

  • Billing to cash Business flow
  • Billing Work Area
  • Revenue Work Area
  • Receivables Balances Work Area
  • Advanced Collection Dashboard

Fusion Cash Management

  • Bank and Bank Accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation

Fusion Assets

  • Asset Dashboard
  • Asset Work Area
  • Set up and integration

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