FastTrack to Red Hat Linux 6.x Engineer

4 days


This highly practical instructor led training FastTrack to Red Hat Linux Engineer course is designed to give experienced LINUX/UNIX administrators practical experience in the administration of a Red Hat LINUX system to a level required by the Red Hat Certified Engineer certification. This course is targeted to closely follow the official Red Hat curriculum and will enable the student to work towards the RHCE qualifications

This class will have a high, practical content and will be very fast paced. Delegates should have a strong command line experience of UNIX/LINUX and have good knowledge of all the topics covered in the Administering Red Hat Linux - Part I and Part II courses. Sessions on this course covering topics from Part I and Part II will be covered very rapidly with the sole purpose of brief revision of these areas


The FastTrack to Red Hat Linux Engineer course is suitable for very experienced LINUX/UNIX System Administrators who need to acquire knowledge of the advanced administrative tasks required to administer a Red Hat LINUX system. This course will teach the necessary skills to enable the student to work towards the RHCE certification route

This course assumes a strong prior knowledge of the LINUX/UNIX operating system. The content of the Administering Red Hat Linux Part I and II courses will be the minimum level of knowledge required for attendance on this course

Students who have completed the FastTrack to Red Hat Linux System Administrator course should instead attend the Administering Red Hat Linux III course

This course will also be of benefit to those students wishing to have some final practical experience prior to taking the Red Hat Certified Engineer exam

On completion of the FastTrack to Red Hat Linux Engineer course, the delegate will have a greater technical awareness of the system and will have acquired practical experience of intermediate and advanced administration duties of the Red Hat Linux system. They will possess the essential knowledge required to study towards taking the official Red Hat Certified Systems Engineer exam


Very experienced Linux/UNIX Administrators with a minimum knowledge of all the topics covered on Administering Red Hat Linux I and II courses

Pre-Requisite Courses

  • Administering Red Hat Linux - Part I
  • Administering Red Hat Linux - Part II

Course Outline

The delegates will have knowledge in all, and practise in some, of the following

  • Configure and test Network Interfaces
  • Install the Operating System using manual and kickstart methods
  • Install and Manage KVM virtual machines
  • Install and Manage software using rpm, yum and RHN
  • Configure encrypted Partitions, File Systems, iSCSI initiator and Swap space
  • Manage Logical Volumes
  • Administer password ageing, ACL's, SUID's and SGID's
  • Configure an LDAP and Kerberos client
  • Configure an NFS server and implement autofs
  • Understand the Boot process and change run levels
  • Schedule 'cron' and 'at' jobs
  • Secure systems using SELinux, Firewalls
  • Configure a Network Time Protocol Service
  • Configure System Logging
  • Configure an Apache Web Server and FTP server
  • Manage a SMTP email service
  • Configure a caching nameserver
  • Use CIFS to share data and printers
  • Configure Printers using CUPS
  • Manage Processes
  • Configure and implement ssh
  • Configure secure remote VNC desktops

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