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The Symantec Backup Exec 2012: Administration course is designed for the data protection professional tasked with backing up and restoring critical data. This five-day, Instructor-led, hands-on class covers how to back up and restore data, configure storage devices, manage media, and maintain the Backup Exec database

Students also learn how to configure and work with various Backup Exec Agents, which protect applications like Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft SQL. The course also covers the Remote Agent for Linux and UNIX Servers, Agent for Active Directory, Virtual Environment Agents, and Backup Exec Private Cloud Services

In addition, students learn how to configure and work with Backup Exec Options, such as the Deduplication option and the Archiving Option

The new features and enhancements introduced in Backup Exec 2012 are also discussed in this course

Skills Gained

  • Describe the basic functions of Backup Exec 2012.
  • Manage devices and media used by Backup Exec.
  • Run basic backup jobs.
  • Explain the new backup and restore workflows.
  • Restore backed-up data.
  • Tune device performance and maintain the Backup Exec database.
  • Protect remote servers using the appropriate Remote Agent.
  • Install, configure, and work with the following Backup Exec Options: Deduplication Option; Archiving Options
  • Use Backup Exec to protect databases and applications.
  • Install, configure, and work with the following Backup Exec Agents: Agent for Microsoft SQL Server; Agent for Microsoft Exchange; Agent for Microsoft SharePoint; Agent for VMware; Agent for Microsoft Hyper-V; Agent for Active Directory; Remote Agent for Linux and UNIX Servers
  • List the supported virtual conversion configurations.
  • Create a custom Simplified Disaster Recovery SDR disk.
  • Use Simplified Disaster Recovery SDR for disaster recovery.
  • List the types of Backup Exec private cloud services offerings.
  • List the new features and enhancements made to Backup Exec 2012.
  • List the End of Life Items.


You must have working knowledge of administration and configuration of the Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008 platforms. You must also have experience configuring server software and hardware. Knowledge of domain security and experience with Active Directory and Windows Server 2008 are recommended

Knowledge of the following applications is beneficial, but not required

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • VMware virtual infrastructure

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Symantec Backup Exec 2012: Install and Configure

Course Introduction

  • About this course
  • Symantec's Education and Support Resources
  • Typographic conventions used in this course

Lesson 1: Backup Exec Fundamentals

  • Data bac kup basics
  • Symantec 's backu p solut ion of f erings
  • Backup Exec 2012 essent ials
  • Backup Exec architecture
  • Installing the managed Backup Exec server
  • Launching Backup Exec 2012
  • Updating Backup Exec 2012
  • Upgrading to Bac kup Exec 2012

Lesson 2: Devices and Media

  • Devices and media
  • Configuring storage devices
  • Managing devices
  • Managing media
  • Media catalogs

Lesson 3: Backing Up Data

  • Backup job basics
  • Configuring backup jobs
  • Running backup jobs
  • Backup and Restore view : Managing servers, backups, and jobs
  • GRT- enabled backups
  • Configuring Backup Exec to determine if a file is backed up
  • System state backup

Lesson 4: Restoring Data

  • Restore job basics
  • Running restore jobs

Lesson 5: Performance Tuning and Database Maintenance

  • Device management
  • Backup Exec database

Lesson 6: Virtual Machine Conversion

  • Conversion to virtual machines fundamentals
  • Supported virtual conversion configurations
  • Virtual conversion workflows

Lesson7: Simplified Disaster Recovery

  • Simplified Disaster Recovery fundamentals
  • What's new in SDR
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery: Backup
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery: Server restore workflow
  • Creating a custom SDR disk
  • Using SDR for disaster recovery

Symantec Backup Exec 2012: Manage and Administer

Course Introduction

  • About This Course
  • Symantec 's Education and Sup port Resources
  • Typographic conventions used in this course

Lesson 1: Remote Agents

  • Agent for Windows
  • Remote Agent for Linux and UNIX Servers (RALUS)
  • Agent for Microsoft Active Directory

Lesson 2: Agent for Applications and Databases

  • Agent for Applications and Databases fundamentals
  • Installing Database Agents
  • Supported applications and databases

Lesson 3: Agent for Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft SQL Server fundamentals
  • Agent for Microsoft SQL Server basics
  • Backing up Microsoft SQL Server
  • Restoring a Microsoft SQL Server database

Lesson 4: Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Microsoft Exchange Server basics
  • Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server fundamentals
  • Backup Exec 2012 support for Exchange 2010
  • Backing up Exchange
  • Restoring Exchange

Lesson 5: Agent for SharePoint Server

  • SharePoint agent overview
  • Backing up SharePoint
  • Restoring SharePoint

Lesson 6: Virtual Environment Agents

  • Virtualization technologies
  • Using the Agent for VMware
  • Using the Agent for Microsoft Hyper-V

Lesson 7: Archiving Options for Backup Exec 2012

  • Introduction to the Archiving Option
  • Installing the Archiving Option
  • Archiving Microsoft Exchange mailboxes
  • Archiving the File System
  • Creating an archive job
  • Restor ing data from archives
  • Protecting Archiving Option components

Lesson 8: Deduplication Option

  • Data deduplication and Open Storage Technology: Fundamentals
  • Backup Exec support for deduplication
  • Installing the Deduplication Option
  • Configuring the Deduplication Option
  • Performing data deduplication

Lesson 9: Backup Exec Private Cloud Services

  • Backup Exec private cloud services basics
  • Types of Backup Exec private cloud services offerings
  • Backup Exec private cloud services features
  • Troubleshooting Backup Exec private cloud services

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