1 Day(s)


This one day practical course is designed to resolve the most common problems you may encounter while running and managing your Mac or a number of Macs

  • You will learn to install an OS X system, set up user accounts, deal with networking and printing problems, understand memory issues and adopt good housekeeping practices.
  • This course is designed to enable you to manage a robust, secure, problem-free Mac OS X environment and will teach you to develop strategies designed to avoid problems occurring in the first place.
  • The following course outline is based on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). If you are using an earlier version of the Mac OS, please give us a call or email.


You need no previous troubleshooting experience to attend this course, although you should be familiar with the Mac interface

Course Specifics

Course Outline

OS X essentials

  • Overview of System Preferences
  • Using System Profiler
  • Shortcuts using The Dock
  • Using Spotlight and QuickLook
  • Using the Go and Help menus

Installing OS X

  • Install checklist
  • System requirements
  • Installing without DVD
  • Install Utilities

Configuring a new OS X build

  • Creating an administrator account
  • Using Migration Assistant
  • Setting default parameters

OS X Accounts

  • Setting up Standard and Administrator accounts
  • The Guest account
  • Managed accounts
  • Different type of passwords
  • Deleting an account

The OS X File System

  • The concept of libraries
  • Overview of permissions
  • File system issues - permission repairs
  • Archiving methods
  • New Lion Restore
  • Font management

Applications within OS X

  • The application environment
  • Protected memory
  • Full-screen applications
  • Mission Control
  • Monitoring applications
  • Application preferences

Networking and printing

  • Connecting to a network
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Common printing issues
  • Diagnosing printing problems

Troubleshooting round-up

  • The process of elimination
  • Housekeeping best practice

Questions and answers

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