2-5 Day(s)


'Essential Management Skills' is a practical and engaging two day course designed to provide attendees with proven techniques on how to maximise both their own personal performance as a manager, and their team's performance. With a clear focus on 'achieving through people' this course looks at the complex issues involved and the fundamental skills necessary to be truly successful in people management

Every delegate will leave with a specific action plan in relation to their own individual/team development and the confidence to really maximise performance. The programme is designed to ensure the learning from one session is built upon in the next, thereby providing a comprehensive, highly interactive, motivational and fun learning experience


Any person involved in a people management; this could be mangers relatively new to the role or more experienced managers wanting to consolidate and confirm existing skills

Skills Gained

Delegates will be able to

  • Identify and understand the role and responsibilities of an effective manager
  • Recognise different management styles and the appropriate use of those styles
  • Describe how teams develop and demonstrate the key skills needed for effective team development and management
  • Communicate with confidence, build positive working relationships with the team and understand what motivates people
  • Provide constructive feedback on individual and team performance
  • Manage both their own and the team's time effectively
  • Delegate tasks with confidence

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Welcome, Introductions, Delegate and Course Objectives and Agenda

The Role and Responsibilities of a Manager

Managing Task - Team - Individual ('The How' of Effective Management)

Management Styles and Understanding Your Style

  • Understanding different management styles, the appropriate use of the different styles and what's your style?

Managing Your Team and Team Development

  • Stages of Team development
  • Understanding 'team' as a group of individuals; strengths within the team and maximising team performance
  • Situational Development

Motivation - Motivating and Developing Your People

  • Understanding Motivation - what is it and how will I know if my team's got it?
  • What motivates/de-motivates you? What about the team?
  • Recognising the root causes of de-motivation
  • Exchange of best practices


  • Why is delegation important, what should we delegate and how to delegate effectively

Delivering Feedback and Difficult Messages

  • Feedback techniques, approaches and models
  • Delivering feedback

Dealing with Difficult Situations

  • 'Real work' difficult situations and how best to deal with them
  • Assertiveness techniques

Coaching for Performance Improvement

  • Coaching and training skills
  • Performance Improvement

Learning Styles

  • How people learn

Key Skills for Team Development; Communicating with Confidence

  • Importance of communication within team, setting the tone and positivity
  • Effective questioning and listening skills

Delegating Tasks Successfully

  • The 'How' of effective delegation
  • Setting and reviewing objectives

Managing and Planning your Time Effectively

  • Maximizing use of time - oorganise yourself before you can organise others
  • Planning and prioritization

Conclusion and Personal Action Planning

  • Workshop Summary, Review of Key Learning, Personal Action Plans and Close

Thinking about Onsite?

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Upcoming Dates

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