2 Day(s)

Skills Gained

This course provides industry professionals migrating from Quark XPress to the industry-standard Adobe InDesign with the skills need to make a seamless transition to a new way of working. It is delivered by professionals who understand the intricacies and pressures of real-world issues.


The course is aimed at designers, production staff or print professionals working in publishing or design. Delegates should have a good working knowledge of QuarkXPress and familiarity with basic design and print concepts.

Course Specifics

Course Outline

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    Combining Text and Graphics

    • Drawing Shapes
    • Basic shapes
    • Freeform shapes

    Effects and Transparency

    • Creating transparency
    • Using effects - Drop Shadows, Feathering and Gradient.
    • Flattener Preview
    • Importing files with transparency
    • Photoshop effects within InDesign - Bevel and Embossing, Inner and Outer Glows etc.

    Selecting and Transforming Objects

    • Moving objects
    • Anchored Objects - using drag and drop
    • Using the Transform panel
    • Grouping and ungrouping objects
    • Alignment tools
    • Pathfinder
    • Using layers to isolate and manipulate objects

    Using Colours

    • Defining and applying colours
    • Importing colours from colour libraries
    • Mixed inks
    • Loading colours from other applications
    • Creating and applying gradients


    • Creating tables and Saving tables
    • Cell styles
    • Merging and unmerging cells
    • Viewing cell frame edges
    • Table headers and footers

    Exporting InDesign Documents

    • PDF, PDF/X, JPEG and EPS
    • Animation and interactivity


    • Preparing for commercial printing
    • Installing and selecting a PPD
    • Separation Preview
    • Printing a document
    • Performing a preflight check before printing
    • Document fonts
    • Packaging files for hand off

    File Management with Adobe Bridge

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