2 Day(s)


This course is recommended as a follow up to the two-day Fundamentals of Illustrator course or the two-day Intermediate course, depending on existing levels of knowledge. It is also suitable for those with equivalent experience through self-learning. The course includes topics such as special effects, filters, advanced techniques with the Illustrator drawing tools, layers work and advice concerning suitable settings for high-end output


Existing competence in Illustrator or at least to the level of the Illustrator Fundamentals course

Course Specifics

Course Outline

File Management With Adobe Bridge

  • Working more efficiently using Bridge to find, sort and manage files
  • Understanding the interface
  • Previewing files in different modes
  • Rating and labelling
  • Assigning Keywords
  • Batch Rename
  • Synchronising Adobe's Colour Workspace


  • Getting full control of the pen tool
  • Amending, splitting, joining and manipulating paths
  • Using Shape Builder to combine, edit and fill shapes
  • Using templates, pencil and smooth

Brush effects

  • Creating Calligraphic, Art, Pattern, and Scatter Brushes
  • Modifying the brush options
  • Editing existing and creating new brushes

Working with patterns

  • Creating simple patterns
  • Defining artwork as a pattern

Modifications and special effects

  • Transformations including blending shapes and the Gradient Mesh tool to create realistic artwork
  • Pathfinder panel and compound paths including the live compound tool
  • Using the appearance panel for live editing
  • Clipping Masks - viewing only the clipped area of your objects during editing.
  • Using Isolation Mode, and Edit Clipping Path for more control


  • Applying Warp and Mash Envelopes
  • Expanding and releasing
  • Edit Envelope contents
  • Creating custom Envelope shapes


  • Flare tool
  • Distort tool including the warp and liquify tools
  • Using effects and graphic styles
  • Working with masks and transparency
  • Grids including the polar and arc grids
  • Other selection tools


  • Creating and applying Masks
  • Modifying and updating mask content

Working With Colour

  • Understanding Illustrators Swatches
  • Creating Gradient and Pattern Swatches
  • Working with colour Guide
  • Creating Live Paint Objects
  • Loading Pantone Libraries
  • Saving and exporting Swatches
  • Working with Gradient Mashes

Graphic Styles

  • Understanding Illustrator's Graphic Styles
  • Creating and applying Graphic Styles
  • Loading and saving Graphic Style Presets

Effects and Filters

  • Understanding Illustrator's Filter and Effects menu
  • Distort and Transform
  • Stylise
  • Effect Gallery

Drawing in perspective

  • Choosing a Perspective Grid preset
  • The Perspective Grid tool
  • The Perspective Selection tool
  • Setting Perspective Grid options
  • Setting plane options
  • Adjusting the perspective grid
  • Drawing new objects in perspective
  • Attaching art to a perspective plane
  • Mapping a perspective grid to a photo or drawing
  • Using the Plane Switching widget
  • Defining and editing grid presets
  • Using keyboard shortcuts to speed up drawing

Working With Layers

  • Creating and understanding Layers
  • Selecting and arranging Layers
  • Duplicating Layer content
  • Applying Layer Options
  • Releasing and flattening Layers

Text In Illustrator

  • Creating and threading multiple text containers
  • Modifying threaded text
  • Modifying Area Type Options
  • Type flow into a shape
  • Text on a Path Options
  • Using Text Wrap and options
  • Using Character and Paragraph Styles
  • Special characters with the Glyph Palette
  • Setting up Hyphenations and Justifications
  • Customising Tabs


  • Converting logos to symbols for reuse
  • Using the symbol spray to instance symbols around page
  • Manipulating and updating symbols

Web work

  • Slicing to create entire web pages
  • Exporting to SWF with Flash symbol support

Print work

  • Setting up for professional printing
  • Understanding transparency flattening
  • Creating Crop Marks
  • Page Tiling
  • Exporting Multiple Page PDF
  • Using the Area Crop Tool to export pre-defined areas
  • Setting up the Document Raster Effect Setting

Image Output

  • Saving, exporting and printing artboards independently or together
  • Separations Preview - identifying unexpected spot colours, overprinting issues, and CMYK blacks in text and placed files

Automating Tasks

  • Creating and recording Actions
  • Using Custom actions for automation and Batching
  • Running a Batch
  • Loading and saving Action Sets

Keyboard Shortcuts

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