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Adobe InDesign is widely used by journalists, writers, editors, sub-editors, and proofreaders

  • This Adobe authorised course is designed for those new to InDesign who wish to concentrate on the powerful editorial and text handling features that it offers.
  • This is a purely editorial course which does not cover the design and page layout features of InDesign.
  • If you wish to learn how to design layouts we would recommend that you take our two day Introduction to Adobe InDesign course instead.


You need no previous experience to attend this course

Course Specifics

Course Outline


  • Creating a new document
  • Using the Control panel
  • Navigating around InDesign
  • Customising your Workspace

Placing text on a page

  • Importing from Word
  • Dealing with missing fonts
  • Text flow methods
  • Selecting and editing text

Formatting text

  • Applying local formats
  • Applying Paragraph styles
  • Applying Character styles
  • Removing overrides
  • Editing in the Story Editor
  • Word and character counts

Columns and notes

  • Splitting text into columns
  • Spanning headlines across columns
  • Using the Info panel
  • Viewing and adding Notes
  • Copy fitting with Notes

Working with Layers

  • The purpose of Layers
  • Creating and arranging Layers
  • Assigning content to Layers

Saving time with Master Pages

  • Understanding Master Pages
  • Adding page numbers
  • Applying Master Pages

Minding your H and Js

  • Hyphenation options
  • Balancing ragged lines
  • The Adobe Paragraph Composer

Fixing widows and orphans

  • Break characters
  • Kerning and Tracking
  • Composition preferences

Working with Baseline Grids

  • Viewing the Grid
  • Automatically creating text grids
  • Setting up the Grid
  • Aligning text to the Grid

Text frame options

  • Text insets
  • Ignoring a text wrap

Printing and exporting

  • Printing your work
  • Exporting as a pdf file

Questions and answers

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