2 Day(s)


Advanced Word Training is for people who can already create documents, and want to add more sophistication and automation

Skills Gained

By the end of this course participants should be able to

  • Create multiple columns in a document
  • Create and apply styles in a document
  • Create a Table of Contents and Bookmarks
  • Create different headers and footers
  • Insert, size, position and edit graphics and use WordArt
  • Create and modify document templates
  • Create and edit macros and assign macros to toolbars
  • Add footnotes and endnotes to a document


Participants should be competent users of Word and should already be able to

  • Modify the appearance of text using font formatting
  • Modify the layout of a document using paragraph formatting
  • Set different types of indentation
  • Change margins and paper orientation, use Print Preview
  • Create a simple table

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Using Outline View

Creating an Outline, Collapsing /Expanding / Displaying Outline Headings, Moving an Outline Heading or Body Text, Numbering the Outline Levels, Displaying / Hiding Outline Text Formats

Using Styles

Applying Character and Paragraph Styles, Creating a Character and Paragraph Style, Clearing Formats and Styles, Deleting a Style

Creating a Table of Contents

Generating a Table of Contents, Updating a Table of Contents, Inserting {TC} Field Codes, Using {TC} Fields, Using Outline Levels

Using Section Breaks

Working with, Inserting and modifying Section Breaks, Inserting a Next Page, Continuous and Odd / Even Page Break

Working with Headers and Footers

Creating Headers and Footers, Creating a First Page and Odd/Even Headers/Footers, Setting the Starting Page Number

Using Footnotes and Endnotes

Inserting Notes, Viewing, Moving, Copying and Deleting Notes

Inserting Graphics

Using the Insert Clip Art Task Pane, Inserting a Picture, Formatting Pictures, Creating WordArt Objects, Creating Watermarks

Working with Drawing Objects

Creating a Drawing Object, Selecting and Moving Objects, Using the Drawing Canvas, Drawing a Line, Formatting Objects, Adding a 3-D Effect, Layering Text and Objects, Deleting an Object

Using Newsletter-style Columns

Creating Columns, Changing the Number of Columns, Width and Spacing, Adding a Vertical Line, Balancing Column Length

Editing a Table

Selecting a Table, Inserting Rows and Columns, Merging Cells, Rotating Text in a Table, Aligning Table Text, Splitting Cells, Deleting Columns and Rows, Converting a Table into Text

Sorting Table Data

Designing a Table to be Sorted, Sorting a Table Alphabetically, Numerically and by Date, Sorting a Table by Multiple Columns

Using Templates and Wizards

Selecting an Existing Template, Creating a Template, Modifying a Template, Deleting a Template, Using Wizards, Creating a Memo

Customizing Word Preferences

Changing the Defaults, Setting View, Save and Default File Location Options, Adding/Removing Toolbar Buttons, Creating Custom Menus

Working with Lists

Customizing Numbered/Bulleted Lists, Resetting Bullet/Number Styles, Bulleting/Numbering a Multilevel List, Using List Styles, Sorting a List

Using Macros

Recording a Macro, Running and Editing a Macro, Adding a Macro Button to a Toolbar, Organizing Macro Projects, Deleting a Macro

Using Mail Merge

Starting the Mail Merge Wizard, Create the Main Document and Data Source, Adding, Removing and Rearranging Fields in a Data Source, Entering Records into a Data Source, Inserting and Previewing Merge Fields, Merging to a New Document, Sorting Records to be Merged

Merging Mailing Labels and Directories

ICreating Mailing Labels, Attaching a Data Source, Creating a Directory, Merging with an Outlook Data Source

Using Formulas in Tables

Creating a Formula, Using Functions, Formatting, Display Field codes

Importing Excel Worksheets

Importing, Linking, Creating, Editing and Inserting an Excel Worksheet

Using Bookmarks

Creating, Viewing, Going to and Deleting Bookmarks

Using Forms

Creating a Form, Defining Text Form, Check Box, and Drop-Down Field, Calculating a Text Form Field, Creating Help Messages, Protecting and Unprotecting a Form Template

Managing Files (Time Permitting)

Selecting File Views, Sorting Word Files, Assigning a Password, Removing a Password, Using the Document Recovery Pane

Using Word HTML Features

Saving Files as HTML, Opening a Web Page, Automatic Formatting, Linking to a Page or Location

Thinking about Onsite?

If you need training for 3 or more people, you should ask us about onsite training. Putting aside the obvious location benefit, content can be customised to better meet your business objectives and more can be covered than in a public classroom. It's a cost effective option.

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Upcoming Dates

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