2 Day(s)


Excel Introduction 2010 is for people new to Spreadsheets, and for self-taught users to enhance their knowledge. It is a pre-requisite for the Advanced course

Skills Gained

By the end of this course participants should be able to

  • Recognise the main areas of the Excel window and workbook
  • Enter, edit and delete data in a workbook
  • Create workbooks using formulae and functions, including SUM, AVERAGE, MAX and MIN
  • Enhance the presentation of workbook data
  • Create, display and enhance charts, print worksheets
  • Set up and work with multiple worksheets
  • Freeze titles on a worksheet
  • Sort and subtotal data
  • Add comments to a worksheet


Participants should already

  • Be competent in using a mouse and keyboard
  • Have an understanding of Windows

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Exploring Microsoft Excel

Working with Excel, Start Excel, Use the Interface, Use the File Tab, Explore Excel Options, Work with Worksheets, Use the Ribbon, Hide the Ribbon, Customize Quick Access Toolbar, Mini Toolbar, Customize Status Bar, Exit Excel

Using Basic Workbook Skills

Select a Cell using the Keyboard and mouse, Use Key Tips, Scroll Bar Shortcut Menu, Go To Dialog Box, Enter Text and Numbers into Cells, Save, Close and Open Workbook, Create a New Workbook, Use a Template, Data Entry Shortcuts, Edit Cell Entries, Check Spelling, Create New Folder, Rename a Workbook Working with Ranges Use Ranges, Select Ranges with Mouse and Keyboard, Select Non-adjacent Ranges, Enter Values into a Range, Use Auto Fill

Creating Simple Formulas

Use Formulas, Use Functions, AutoSum Button and AutoSum List, Formula AutoComplete, Insert and Edit Functions in Formulas, Auto Calculate Feature, Range Borders to Modify Formulas, Check Formula Errors

Copying and Moving Data

Copy/Cut and Past Data, Copy and Paste Formulas, Paste Options Button, Paste List, Clipboard Task Pane, Create Absolute Reference, Fill Cells, Drag- and -Drop Editing, Undo and Redo

Formatting Numbers and Text

Use Currency, Percent and Comma Style, Change Decimal Places, Change Text Appearance, Rotate, Wrap and Shrink Text in a Cell, Change Cell Alignment, Change Text Indentation

Formatting Cells

Use Merge and Centre Button, Change Vertical Alignment, Split Cells, Use Borders Button, Use Fill Color Button, Paste Formats, Use Format Painter Button, Copy Formats to Non-Adjacent Cells, Clear Formats, Insert Selected, Cut or Copied Cells, Delete Selected Cells

Working with Columns and Rows

Select Columns and Rows, Use Narrow Column Tooltips, Change Column Width and Row Height, Adjust Columns Automatically, Hide and Unhide Columns and Rows, Insert Columns and Rows, Delete Columns and Rows

Using Page Setup

Set Margin and Centre Options, Change Page Orientation, Change Page Setup Options, Headers and Footers


Preview a Worksheet, Print Current Worksheet, Print a Selected Range, Print a Page Range, Print Multiple Copies

Working with Multiple Worksheets

Navigate between Worksheets, Select and Rename Worksheets, Select Multiple Worksheets, Color Worksheet Tabs, Insert and Delete Worksheets, Print Selected Worksheets Copy and Move Worksheets, Group Worksheets, Move and Copy Data between Worksheets, Creating 3-D Formulas and Functions

Using Other Functions

Use Function Arguments, Use Financial Functions, Use Logical Functions, Use Date Functions, Format Dates, Revise Formulas

Creating and Editing Charts

Use, Create, Move and Resize Charts, Identify Chart Elements, Change Chart Type, Change Plot Direction, Remove/Add a Legend, Move the Legend, Chart Non-adjacent Ranges, Change Chart Range, Change Data Source, Change Chart Location, Printing a Chart, Add Chart Titles, Format Chart Elements, Change Text Orientation, Add a Data Table, Create an Exploded Pie Chart, Adjust the 3-D View, Delete a Chart

Using Large Worksheets

Magnification, Full Screen View, Splitting the Window, Freezing Panes

Managing Data

Sort Lists, Sort in Ascending/Descending Order, Find Data, Replace Data, Find and Replace Cell Formats

Working with Comments

Create, View and Print Comments, Discussion Comments

Drawing an Object

Draw Enclosed Objects, Draw a Line, Select and Move an Object, Add Text to an Object, Resize an Object, Format Lines, Change and Remove Fill Color, Change Font Color, Delete an Object

Additional Effects and Objects

Add a 3-D Effect, Apply a 3-D Setting, Add a Shadow, Draw a Text Box, Draw an Arrow, Insert Pictures, Format Graphics

Using AutoShapes and Diagrams

Draw a Callout, Draw a Basic Shape, Work with Connectors, Draw a Flowchart Shape, Draw a Block Arrow, Use Shapes and SmartArt

Using Worksheet Protection

Unlock Cells in a Worksheet, Protect and Unprotect a Worksheet and Workbook, Create and Delete Allow-Editing Ranges, Assigning a Password, Opening a Password-protected File, Removing a Password

Using Paste Special

Work with Paste Special, Copy Values between Worksheets, Copy Formulas between Worksheets, Perform Mathematical Operations

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