3 Day(s)


This three-day instructor-led course provides existing SQL Server database professionals with the knowledge and skills to use new and enhanced capabilities in SQL Server 2012.


  • Experience of creating and managing database solutions in SQL Server, including basic Transact-SQL programming.


This course is intended for database professionals with experience of using SQL Server 2008 R2.

Skills Gained

  • Describe key new and enhanced features in SQL Server 2012.
  • Install SQL Server 2012.
  • Use enhanced tools and PowerShell support to manage SQL Server 2012.
  • Use enhanced Transact-SQL and storage capabilities to develop SQL Server 2012 databases.
  • Use new and enhanced performance capabilities to optimize a SQL Server 2012 database.
  • Use new availability and data recovery technologies to provide high availability.
  • Use new and enhanced security capabilities in SQL Server 2012.
  • Use SQL Azure.
  • Describe new Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities in SQL Server 2012.

Course Specifics

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introducing SQL Server 2012
  • Overview of SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2012 Editions and Components
  • Module 2: Installing SQL Server 2012
  • Installation Options and Requirements
  • Installing SQL Server
  • Deploying SQL Server in a Private Cloud
  • Lab: Installing SQL Server
  • Lab: Using a Data-Tier Application in a Private Cloud Scenario
  • Module 3: Managing SQL Server 2012
  • Enhancements to SQL Server Management Studio
  • New and Enhanced Dynamic Management Views
  • Using PowerShell to Manage SQL Server
  • Lab: Managing SQL Server
  • Module 4: Developing SQL Server 2012 Databases
  • Transact-SQL Enhancements
  • New and Enhanced Transact-SQL Functions
  • Enhancements to Spatial Data Support
  • Storing and Querying Documents
  • Lab: Developing SQL Server Databases
  • Module 5: Performance and Tuning Enhancements
  • Performance Optimization Tools
  • Enhancements to Indexing
  • Lab: Optimizing SQL Server Performance
  • Module 6: High Availability and Data Recovery Enhancements
  • AlwaysOn High Availability
  • Enhancemenst to Data Recovery
  • Lab: Using AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  • Module 7: Implementing Security in Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Security Management Enhancements
  • Contained Databases
  • Lab: Implementing Security
  • Module 8: Extending Data Solutions to the Cloud
  • Introduction to SQL Azure
  • Working with SQL Azure
  • Lab: Using SQL Azure
  • Module 9: Overview of BI Enhancements in SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2012 for Data Warehousing
  • SQL Server 2012 for Business Intelligence
  • Lab: Exploring BI Features

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