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  • End Users
  • Security Administrators

Skills Gained

  • Edit a requisition
  • Attach prescreening questions to a requisition
  • Add prescreening questions to your organizations online question library
  • Understand the candidate experience
  • Understand a candidate's record
  • Import candidates to the database
  • Clone a requisition
  • Use the Taleo Outlook Plug-in (optional)
  • Run a quick search
  • Run an advanced candidate search
  • Run standard reports
  • Create candidate email templates

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Cloning and Editing Requisitions and Adding Questions

  • Clone and edit a requisition
  • Attach questions to your requisition
  • Create a question in the question library
  • Add answers with ranking, ACE and knock-out options

Working with Candidates

  • Understand the candidate experience
  • Check LinkedIn network
  • Search Google for a specific candidate
  • Use the Taleo IE Source Bar

Sourcing Candidates

  • Run a Quick Search
  • Run an Advanced Candidate Search
  • Submit candidates to a requisition
  • Import candidates to the database
  • Use the Taleo Outlook Plug in

Creating Candidate Email Message Templates

  • Create a candidate message template
  • Send candidates a message using a template

Running Reports

  • Access and run standard reports
  • Introduction to creating and running custom reports

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