0.5-2 Day(s)


This course will provide delegates with a sound understanding of current Payment Card Industry Secure Data Security Standards for building secure applications in the .NET Framework, using C# and/or VB.NET.

This course will provide delegates with a solid understanding of the issues facing web application developers using ASP.NET. Some aspects covered are generic to all web developers - while others are ASP.NET specific. The vast majority of flaws within ASP.NET applications are due to design or implementation details - or programmer error


Web Developers who need to learn about and implement the guidelines on Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

Skills Gained

  • 1. Security Principles
  • 2. An understanding of OWASP and PCI DSS
  • 3. Writing compliant .NET code in C# and / or VB.NET
  • 4. How to test security
  • 5. How to build privacy into you application
  • 6. How to secure installations
  • 7. How to write secure documentation and error messages.


Experience of developing data-driven ASP.NET web applications in either C# or VB.NET

Course Specifics

Course Outline

PCI Compliance for ASP.NET - Application Security Training Course

Secure Development Overview

  • Case Studies
  • The Need for Secure Systems
  • Trustworthy Computing
  • Proactive Security Development
  • Security Principles
  • Threat Modelling

PCI DSS v1.2

  • What's new?
  • Common misconceptions


  • What is OWASP?
  • Current OWASP Top Ten

ASP.NET with PCI DSS 6.5

6.5.1 Cross-site scripting (XSS)

  • Understanding XSS
  • Validate Requests in
  • Validating all parameters before use

6.5.2 Injection flaws

  • Understanding SQL injection.
  • Understanding LDAP and Xpath injection flaws as well as other injection flaws.
  • Ado.Net and Sql Injection
  • Validating input to verify user data cannot modify meaning of commands and queries

6.5.3 Malicious file execution

  • Validating input to verify application does not accept filenames or files from users.
  • Using the File upload control
  • Flash, Java, ActiveX and Silverlight

6.5.4 Insecure direct object references

  • Avoiding exposing internal object references to users.
  • Using Code Access Security in
  • Understanding Trust levels

6.5.5 Cross-site request forgery

  • Understanding Cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
  • Dealing with authorization credentials and tokens automatically submitted by browsers
  • Cross site service security policies for Silverlight and Flash

6.5.6 Information leakage and improper error handling

  • Avoiding leaking information via error messages or other means.
  • Asp.Net exception handling
  • Exception handling patterns

6.5.7 Broken authentication and session management

  • Authenticating users and protect account credentials and session tokens.
  • Asp.Net membership system
  • Understanding and configuring asp.Net Session state

6.5.8 Insecure cryptographic storage

  • Preventing cryptographic flaws.
  • Using cryptography in .net
  • Using cryptography in .net Enterprise library v4.1

6.5.9 Insecure communications

  • Properly encrypting all authenticated and sensitive communications.
  • Understanding secure communications in and wcf

6.5.10 Failure to restrict URL access

  • Consistently enforcing access control in presentation layer and business logic for all URLs.
  • Using the Asp.Net membership system.

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