2 Day(s)


This Access Management training details managing user and group access to work areas in Primavera Unifier. It describes administration roles, company relationships and the management of licenses and notifications.Learn To: Login and navigate within Primavera Unifier. Differentiate between administrative roles. View licenses for named users. Describe relationships between owner and partner companies. Manage users and groups. Assign permissions. Manage permissions and user preference templates.Day 1This class begins with an overview of logging into Primavera Unifier and navigating to the company workspace and other work areas (projects and shells). You will be exposed to company relationships and administrative roles and functions. You will learn how to use quick links to access support, bookmarks, modify your password and settings for time, email notifications, proxy and so on. You will also learn how to manage users, groups and permissions. Day 2On Day 2, you'll create and manage templates that facilitate assignment of permissions and user preferences. Use shell-level templates to add member companies and users. You will also be presented with an overview of bulk administration and program management.


  • Administrator
  • System Administrator

Skills Gained

  • Review navigation
  • Discuss administrative roles
  • Manage licenses and notifications
  • Define company relationships
  • Manage owner and partner company users
  • Manage permissions templates
  • Manage shell and program users

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Administration Overview

  • License Management
  • Company Relationship Management

User Administration

  • Creating Users

Permissions Management

  • Assigning Permissions via Groups

Standards and Libraries Management

  • Permission Templates
  • Using Preference Templates


  • Shell Templates
  • Member Companies Shell Templates
  • User Administration Shell Templates

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Upcoming Dates

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2 1000 £1000 2018-08-09