5 Day(s)


  • System managers, technical support, and performance analysis personnel
  • Systems and application designers and developers

Key topics

  • Apply a basic tuning principle
  • Describe the processor's memory subsystem
  • Analyze disk cache-hit ratios and fragmentation
  • Use Reload Analyzer
  • Analyze process memory consumption
  • Evaluate TCP process and server class parameters for best performance
  • Use Measure and SQLCI to analyze NonStop SQL/MP performance
  • Use Measure entities for application analysis: DISCOPEN, FILE, PROCESSH, USERDEF, and TMF
  • Analyze Measure's CPU entity
  • Apply several basic queuing theory formulas
  • Calculate a volume's true write cache-hit ratio
  • Analyze process priorities
  • Identify processes with long $RECEIVE queues
  • Be familiar with the functionality of NonStop system utilities: ViewSys, Web ViewPoint, Peek, Enform, GPA, TPDC, TPM, ASAP, APB, Diskpro, RPM, and TCM
  • Identify positive and negative factors in application performance Courses -->

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Upcoming Dates

Course Location Days Cost Date
5 2500 £2500 2018-09-12