Implementing Cisco Service Provider Next Generation Core Network Services

5 days


This 5-day course is focused on the concepts and capabilities of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and on the best practices for implementing QoS in a new or existing Service Provider environment. MPLS Traffic Engineering (MPLS TE) services are also explored in more detail.


Each participant will leave with a recognised certificate

Course Outline

  • After you complete this course you will be able to:
  • Describe the features of MPLS, and how MPLS labels are assigned and distributed
  • Discuss the requirement for traffic engineering in modern networks that must attain optimal resource utilization
  • Introduce the concept of QoS and explain the need to implement QoS
  • Classify and mark network traffic to implement an administrative policy requiring QoS
  • Introduce different Cisco QoS queuing mechanisms used to manage network congestion
  • Introduce the concept of traffic policing and shaping, including token bucket, dual token bucket, and dual-rate policing

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Course Location Days Cost Date
Midlands Birmingham5 1782 £1782 2019-10-07
Edinburgh Edinburgh5 1782 £1782 2019-10-07
Budapest Budapest5 1782 £1782 2019-10-07
Bristol Bristol5 1782 £1782 2019-10-07
Devon Exeter5 1782 £1782 2019-10-07
Eschborn Eschborn5 1782 £1782 2019-10-07
Yorkshire Leeds5 1782 £1782 2019-10-28
London London5 1782 £1782 2019-10-28
London London5 1782 £1782 2019-10-28
Yorkshire Leeds5 1782 £1782 2019-10-28
London London5 1782 £1782 2019-11-04
London London5 1782 £1782 2019-11-04
Edinburgh Edinburgh5 1782 £1782 2019-12-02
Bristol Bristol5 1782 £1782 2019-12-02
Devon Exeter5 1782 £1782 2019-12-02
Midlands Birmingham5 1782 £1782 2019-12-02