Avaya Aura Communication Manager Administration

5 days


This 5 day class designed to teach basic administration activities using Avaya Aura Communication Manager. Some of the tasks included are creating a dial plan, setting up class of service and class of restrictions, administering phones, maintaining the system, and running reports. The class will include lecture and hands-on activities explaining the various features and functions.   This course is designed for Avaya customers, employees, and Business Partners with Avaya Aura Communication Manager Administration responsibilities.

Course Outline

- Identify Avaya configuration and solutions with Avaya Aura .

- Identify hardware components.

- Describe system duplication and backup options.

- Identify the different types of telephones.

- Describe the most important boards and media modules.

- Use Avaya Site Administration to manage the following:

- Dial Plan and Feature Access Codes.

- Analog and digital stations.

- IP stations.

- Call Park, Bridged Call Appearance and other basic features.

- Class of Service (COS) and Class of Restriction (COR)

- Abbreviated Dialing.

- Call Forwarding.

- Call Coverage.

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Upcoming Dates

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Course Location Days Cost Date
Wokingham5 2495 £2495 19-01-12
Wokingham5 2495 £2495 19-01-12