5 Day(s)


This Taleo (TEE): Recruiting Essentials Boot Camp training will help you develop an in depth of understanding of how to make Taleo Recruiting Center and Taleo Recruiting Configuration work for your business. For students taking this course in the Training On Demand format, simulated labs are available throughout the course; however, please note that no access to a live Taleo environment is available via TOD.

Learn To:

  • Create and post requisitions.
  • Manage candidate submissions.
  • Create offers and fill requisitions.
  • Create users, groups and assign permissions.
  • Configure Taleo Recruiting.
  • Build career sections.

Skills Gained

By enrolling in this course, you'll get a chance to learn from one of Oracle University's expert instructors. You'll walk away with a better understanding of how to use Taleo (TEE) Recruiting to attract and develop the best talent that can help your business.

  • Create and Modify a Candidate Selection Workflow
  • Create New Sources and Events
  • Work with Message Templates
  • Configure Candidate File Setup
  • Create Candidate and Requisition Lists
  • Build Career Sections
  • Create and Post Requisitions
  • Manage Prescreening Questions
  • Move Candidates through the Hiring Process
  • Create Offers and Fill Requisitions
  • Navigate and Administer Taleo Configuration
  • Create Configuration Profiles
  • Create Center Stages
  • Modify Field Settings
  • Create Basic and Selection List Fields
  • Review Requisition File Setup


  • Administrator
  • Configuration Consultant
  • End Users
  • Configuration Implementer
  • Implementation Consultant


Getting Started with Taleo Recruiting - Part 1

  • Taleo Overview and Navigation
  • Requisition Creation and Approval
  • Prescreening Questions
  • Posting and Sourcing
  • Candidate Experience
  • Create Candidates
  • Candidate Search
  • Candidate Management

Getting Started with Taleo Recruiting - Part 2

  • Candidate Selection Workflow
  • Offer Management
  • Hire a Candidate
  • Run Standard Reports

Introduction to Configuration

  • Navigating Central and Specific Configuration Menus
  • Working with Organization, Location and Job Field Data
  • Creating User Accounts and Assigning Permissions
  • Create Groups and Add Users to Groups
  • Identify User Account and Password Security Settings

Configuration Profiles

  • Describe Configuration Profiles
  • Create a Configuration Profile
  • Edit Configuration Profile Settings
  • Assign Configuration Profile to a User

Center Stage and Communication Channel

  • Discuss Center Stage Options
  • Create New Center Stage
  • Add Center Stage to Configuration Profile
  • Edit Communication Channel in Configuration Profile
  • Test User Configuration

Standard Fields

  • Discuss use of Fields throughout Recruiting
  • Identify Field Settings
  • Verify and Modify Field Settings

Custom Fields

  • List the Types and Uses Of Custom Fields
  • Create Basic Custom Fields
  • Identify and Modify Field Settings
  • Create a Selection List

Requisition Forms and Files

  • Describe Process for Forms and Files
  • Modify Forms
  • Work with File Sections and Blocks
  • Review Requisition File Setup
  • Add Requisition File to a Configuration Profile
  • Test Requisition File as a User

Candidate Selection Workflow

  • Describe Candidate Selection Workflow (CSW)
  • Duplicate a CSW
  • Modify Steps and Statuses
  • Add Shortcut Buttons
  • Create a Qualifier Group
  • Associate OLF and Requisition Type to a CSW
  • Validate a CSW

Candidate Sourcing

  • Create a Job Board Account
  • Add a Source
  • Create a New Event
  • Create a New Source
  • Review Source Settings

Correspondence Manager

  • Understanding Manual and Automatic Message Templates
  • Working with Message Templates
  • Specify Audience for Correspondences
  • Attach Messages to CSW
  • Create Read Only and Confidential Message Templates
  • Review Correspondence Manager Settings
  • Control Candidate Rejection Letters

Create Candidate

  • Review the Create Candidate Function
  • Modify Candidate Forms
  • Modify Candidate Files
  • Configure Candidate File Setup
  • Modify Configuration Profile

Candidate and Requisition Lists

  • Create Candidate and Requisition List Formats
  • Modify Filters and Settings
  • Add Columns to List Formats
  • Modify Configuration Profile

Career Sections Overview

  • Review Sample Career Site
  • Identify Career Section Components

Statements - Career Sections

  • Define Statements
  • Create a Statement

User-Defined Forms - Career Sections

  • Describe User-Defined Forms
  • Create a User-Defined Form

Diversity Form - Career Sections

  • Define Diversity Form
  • Create a Diversity Form Using Wizard

Application Flows - Career Sections

  • Discuss Application Flows
  • Duplicate a Job-Specific Application Flow
  • Add, Reorder and Remove Pages from an Application Flow
  • Modify Information Blocks within an Application Flow
  • Activate a Job-Specific Application Flow

Building Career Sections

  • Create a Career Section

Career Portal Pages - Career Sections

  • Discuss Career Portal Pages
  • Modify Career Portal Page Properties

Global Configuration and Global Security - Career Sections

  • Describe Global Configuration Settings
  • Create a Career Section URL
  • Discuss Global Security
  • Identify Global Security Settings for Career Sections

Branding and Themes - Career Sections

  • Discuss Branding Files
  • Work with Theme Elements

  • System Administrator

Thinking about Onsite?

If you need training for 3 or more people, you should ask us about onsite training. Putting aside the obvious location benefit, content can be customised to better meet your business objectives and more can be covered than in a public classroom. It's a cost effective option.

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