Advanced Business Process Management

2 days


Aligning BPM with Strategic, Organisational, and Cultural Factors

The statistics are familiar - more often than not, programs of significant business change, including process change, are unsuccessful. That's depressing, but on the upside, there are many cases where organisational performance has been transformed by successful business process initiatives. In accounting for success or failure, it's easy to blame failure on technical factors, but that's seldom the primary cause. Experience shows three recurring themes in successful initiatives:

  1. Appropriate processes were identified and selected for improvement;
  2. Human, organisational, and cultural factors were analysed and understood;
  3. That understanding was reflected in an implementable and sustainable process design that aligns with the organisation and its business strategy.

This intense 2-day workshop provides proven, repeatable methods in these and other areas, well beyond what is covered in introductory courses. In particular, understanding individual and organisational behavior and culture can seem to be the hardest of all, but specific techniques for discovery and assessment of these "soft" factors are a centerpiece of this unique workshop. Participants will be well-prepared for the challenges of successful business process analysis and design.

Personally delivered by the creator of this MasterClass, Alec Sharp. With 30 years of worldwide consulting, Alec has hands-on experience with process change initiatives in a wide variety of settings, from small and medium organisations through to the world's largest and best-known enterprises. That's what sets this workshop apart - it's based on what really works, not what should or might work. When a process change project has "gone off the rails", Alec is frequently brought in to help stakeholders see the underlying reasons and get things back on track. He has delivered hundreds of workshops around the world on working with business processes and related business analysis techniques, as well as top-rated presentations at international conferences. Alec is the author of "Workflow Modeling, Second Edition" (Artech House, 2009) which is a consistent best-seller in the field, and is widely used as an MBA text and consulting guide.

This MasterClass fulfils the IIBA requirements for contributing CDUs (Continuing Development Units) towards your Certificate of Competency in Business Analysis ( CCBA ) or Certified Business Analysis Professional ( CBAP ) certification. For more information on IIBA certification requirements, click here .


Anyone involved in Business Process Change and Business Process Management (BPM), especially BPM professionals, Process Analysts and Designers, Process Architects, Senior Business Analysts, and Project / Programme Managers. Also, Business Managers responsible for effecting process change, and needing to learn more about business processes.


It would be helpful, but not absolutely essential, to have some practical experience with process analysis and redesign, or an introductory course in working with business processes.

A suggested lead-in course is Software Education's Business Process Modelling course.

Thinking about Onsite?

If you need training for 3 or more people, you should ask us about onsite training. Putting aside the obvious location benefit, content can be customised to better meet your business objectives and more can be covered than in a public classroom. It's a cost effective option.

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