4 Day(s)


The McAfee Application Control and McAfee Change Control Administration course from McAfee University enables attendees to receive in-depth training on the
full benefits of the centralized management and deployment of McAfee products.
Enabling administrators to fully understand the capabilities of their security solution
not only reduces the risks of misconfiguration, but also ensures that an organization
gets the maximum protection from their installation.
Students takeaway
Course manual, certificate of completion,
McAfee backpack.


System and network administrators, security
personnel, auditors, and/or consultants concerned with network and system security should take this course. It is recommended that the students have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows administration, system administration concepts, a basic understanding of computer security concepts, and a general understanding of managing remote clients from a central location.

Skills Gained

At the end of this course, attendees should understand the capabilities of the McAfee centralized management solution and have the ability to install McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO ) software and deploy and manage McAfee Access Change and McAfee Change Control on remote clients.
All topics are supported by hands-on exercises
specifically designed to increase knowledge retention and provide the experience needed to install, configure, and manage McAfee products centrally via McAfee ePO software.

Additional Information

Day One
Module 1: Introduction to Security Risk Management and McAfee Policy Auditor
Module 2: Installing the McAfee ePO Server
Module 3: McAfee ePO Administrative
Module 4: McAfee ePO Navigation and Policies
Module 5: Installing the Solidcore Server
Module 6: Solidcore Server Configuration
Day Two
Module 7: The McAfee Agent
Module 8: Solidcore Client
Module 9: McAfee Application Control
Module 10: McAfee Application Control Configuration
Day Three
Module 11: Events and Alerts
Module 12: Integrity Monitoring
Module 13: McAfee Change Control Configuration
Module 14: Dashboards and Reporting
Module 15: Application
Day Four
Module 16: CLI Administration
Module 17: Introduction to McAfee Risk Advisor
Module 18: McAfee Risk Advisor
Module 19: Managing Your Risk
Module 20: Reporting with McAfee Risk Advisor

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Upcoming Dates

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4 2000 £2000 2018-07-16
4 2000 £2000 2017-11-13
4 2000 £2000 2017-10-25
4 2000 £2000 2017-09-01
4 2000 £2000 2017-08-24
4 2000 £2000 2017-08-08
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4 2000 £2000 2017-07-31