5 Day(s)


This five-day, hands-on, lecture/lab course presents OpenVMS performance under three subsystems: memory management, I/O, and CPU. Did you know you can reserve places on this course whilst you seek approval .


OpenVMS System Managers, Applications Programmers, and System Programmers.


Students should have a fundamental understanding of system management and be able to:

  • Set up accounts.
  • Use SYSGEN/SYSMAN to change a system parameter.
  • Run AUTOGEN.
  • Use the INSTALL utility.
  • INITIALISE and MOUNT a disk Students should also have a fundamental understanding of programmin concepts, including:-
  • Understanding the purpose of a compiler.
  • Understanding the purpose of a linker.
  • Understanding how a computer executes a program.

Skills Gained

  • How to isolate performance bottlenecks to one of the three subsystems.
  • Sufficiency (keep the system running), as well as tunining considerations. Sudents attending this course should not expect to work with network performance or to find a magic system parameter that will make their system run. The effects of SYSGEN parameters on each of the subsystems, when to change these parameters, and when other mangement modifications or the purchase of new hardware will be required.
  • The relative merits/drawbacks of using AUTOGEN.

Next steps

  • TCP/IP services for OpenVMS Courses -->

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