5 Day(s)


Professionals who deploy SMB and enterprise-edge solutions based on HP technologies, including HP Reseller Systems Engineers, Customer IT Staff, HP System Engineers, HP Services Field and Call Center Support Engineers.


  • Getting Started with HP Switching and Routing v. 10.41 (WBT)
  • Getting Started with HP Wireless Networks v. 10.41 (WBT)

Skills Gained

  • Describe the Comware networking products and technologies
  • Update software for Comware switches and routers
  • Configure and verify VLANs
  • Configure device-access security features such as passwords, privilege levels, and SSH
  • Configure Spanning Tree
  • Designing, implementing, and troubleshooting routed and bridged networks using industry-standard protocols, focusing on OSPF, VRRP, and MSTP
  • Designing and implementing networks via the following multicasting technologies; IGMP, PIM Dense, and PIM Sparse.
  • Designing and implementing IPv6 and OSPFv3.
  • Configure basic setup parameters
  • Save and backup configuration files for Comware switches and routers
  • Configure ports for trunk, access, or hybrid mode to support various VLAN configurations
  • Configure and verify link aggregation
  • Configure IP static routes
  • Designing and implementing "triple play" networks using HP prioritization and QoS features.
  • Designing and implementing IRF. Courses -->

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Upcoming Dates

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