1 Day(s)


In this hands-on instructor led course, you will communicate and collaborate with others using the various applications in Google Apps. This course is suitable for any individual who will use a computer to access and utilise Google's online office productivity applications.

Skills Gained

  • Describe the basic features of Google Apps
  • Communicate with others using Gmail
  • Communicate using Google Chat
  • Use Google Calendar to keep track of schedules
  • Create and share documents and presentations using Google Docs
  • Work with Google Spreadsheets and Forms


  • Use a mouse
  • Type and use a keyboard
  • Experience in web browsing
  • Work with windows - minimise, maximise, open and close
  • Basic skills with Microsoft Office applications, or equivalent, are recommended, but not mandatory

Course Specifics

Course Outline

Module 1 - Getting Started with Google Apps

  • Topic A - Introduction to Google Apps
  • Topic B - Google Apps
  • Topic C - Log in to the Google Apps Domain

Module 2 - Communicating Using Gmail

  • Topic A - Introduction to Gmail
  • Topic B - Getting Started
  • Topic C - Compose an Email
  • Topic D - Manage Email Messages
  • Topic E - Manage Contacts

Module 3 - Communicating Using Gmail Chat and Google Talk

  • Topic A - Instant Messaging
  • Topic B - Managing Schedules Using Google Calendar
  • Topic C - Create Task Lists

Module 4 - Working with Google Documents and Presentations

  • Topic A - Google Docs
  • Topic B - Create Word Documents
  • Topic C - Create Presentations
  • Topic D - Create Drawings

Module 5 - Working with Google Spreadsheets

  • Topic A - Create Spreadsheets
  • Topic B - Set Permissions and Notifications

Module 6 - Create Forms

  • Topic A - Google Forms

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