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Course Outline

Module 1: McAfee Next Generation Firewall Engine
McAfee Next Generation Firewall Key Benefits and Differentiators
Operating Modes
Hardware Platforms and Virtualization
Type of Engines
Module 2: McAfee Next Generation Firewall System Administration
McAfee Next Generation Firewall Architecture
Centralized Management
Status View
Configuration View
Management Client Tools
Module 3: Log Management
Why Do We Need Logs?
Log Entry Types
Logging Generation
Log Data Pruning
Logs View
Visualization Logs
Module 4: Working with Policies
Policy Types
Access Control Rules
Inspection Rules
Template Policies
Hierarchical Policy Structure
Module 5: Monitoring, Statistics, and Reporting
Status Monitoring
Report Designs, Sections, and Items
Geo-location Maps
Session Monitoring
Third-Party Monitoring
Module 6: Administration Tasks
Role-Based Access Control
Alert Process
Log Management Tasks
Log Forwarding
System Upgrades and Backups
McAfee Security Management Center High Availability
Location and Contact Addresses
Troubleshooting Support
Module 7: MSSP Tools
Web Portal
Module 8: McAfee Next Generation Firewall Firewall and Clustering Technology
McAfee Next Generation Firewall firewall/VPN Role
McAfee Next Generation Firewall Requirements
Multilayer Inspection
Single Firewall
Clustering Technology
Firewall Cluster
Additional Firewall Features
Module 9: Routing and Anti-Spoofing
Routing Configuration
Special Routing Conditions
Module 10: Security Policies and NAT
Policy Types
Firewall Templates
Access Rules
Rule Options
NAT Definitions
Address Translation Options
Proxy ARP and NAT
Packet Processing
Module 11: McAfee Multi-Link Technology
Outbound Traffic Management
Link Selection Methods
Outbound McAfee Multi-Link Configuration
Server Pools
McAfee Multi-Link for Inbound Traffic
Configuring Server Pools and Inbound McAfee Multi-Link
Module 12: Multi-Link IPsec VPN
Overviews to VPNs
VPN Topologies
VPN High Availability
Policy-Based VPN Configuration
VPN Tools
Route-Based VPN
Module 13: Users and Authentication
Managing Users
Directory Servers
Supported Authentication Methods
User Authentication Process
Browser-Based Authentication
Module 14: McAfee Next Generation Firewall Client-to-Gateway VPN
Client-to-Gateway VPN Connections
VPN Client Configuration: Gateway Side
VPN Client Configuration: Client Side
Troubleshooting Tools
Module 15: Traffic Inspection
Traffic Inspection
Protocol Agents
Access Control by Users
Domain Names
Deep Inspection
TLS Inspection
Module 16: Introduction to Intrusion Prevention
Deep Inspection
Attacker Types
Attacker's Workflow
Attack Example
McAfee Next Generation Firewall Deep Inspection Features
IPS and L2FW Deployment Examples
Module 17: IPS Role and Layer 2 Firewall Role
IPS and Layer 2 Firewall Key Features
FW and IPS Differences
High-Availability Deployment
Module 18: Inspection Policies
Deep Inspection
McAfee Next Generation Firewall Policy Templates
Predefined Inspection Policies
Situation Concepts
Inspection Rules Tree
Fine-Tuning Inspection
Inspection Exception Rules
Rule Options
IPS and L2 FW Packet Inspection Procedure
Module 19: Inspection Techniques
McAfee Next Generation Firewall Inspection Techniques
Advanced Evasion Techniques
Traffic Inspection Process
Misuse Detection: Fingerprints
Regular Expression Syntax
Fingerprint Example
Module 20: Event Correlation
Scan Detection
DoS/DDoS Protection
Correlation Situations
Event Sequence and Group
Event Compress and Count
Custom Correlation Situation: Count
Module 21: Incident Handling
Default Alert System
Using Overviews for Surveillance
Visualize Log Data
Incident-Handling Tool

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