APMG Change Management PCM R Foundation

3 days


Whatever the cause, making sense of change and peoples' reactions to it can be difficult. Why is the beneficial change you want to introduce so often subject to resistance from various quarters? How can you make change easier? This course will help you to understand how to support individuals, teams and organisations through that change. It will also consider the attributes required of effective leaders to support successful change.

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Project and Programme Management

Skills Gained

During this course you will learn to:

  • Recognise the drivers for change
  • Consider the impact of change on individuals within the organisation
  • Identify different organisation cultures and understand their impact on the change process
  • Select an appropriate framework to use as the basis for the creation of a change management plan
  • Plan learning activities to support change
  • Identify and analyse stakeholders to understand their influence on the change plan
  • Create and implement a communications management plan
  • Develop an effective change team
  • Develop organisations that can respond well to change

In addition delegates will be provided with advice and guidance on the Foundation examination


  • There are no formal pre-requisites to attending the course.

The course will be right if you:

  • have been tasked to plan a change initiative within your organisation but need ideas on what it's important to think about so that you can increase the chances of the initiative being successful.
  • are leading a team that is experiencing change and want to understand how the team can maximise its contribution during the change process.
  • are a project or programme manager who wants to introduce change via a project or programme but needs some ideas about how to handle the 'people side' of things.
  • are an individual who is impacted by change and wants to gain a greater insight into the change process to help you adapt to changes that are coming your way.
  • are looking for an understanding of the theories and models put forward by leading experts in the field of change management.
  • would like your learning accredited through a formal qualification (APMG Principles of Change Management Foundation Examination).

Pre course reading

Delegates will be expected to have completed the assigned pre-course study material prior to attending this course. The material will include the course text Making Sense of Change Management by Cameron and Green and a pre-course reading guide. This work is likely to take delegates 10 hours and will be sent to you approximately two weeks before the start of your course.

If you have not received your pre-course work please contact your account manager. Alternatively you can email us on training@coursemonster.com .

  • You must bring signed photo ID with you on any APMG exam (passport, driving licence, student card) as you will be asked to produce it by the invigilator prior to the exam. You must also be familiar with the APMG Terms and Conditions of Certification which can be found here on the APMG International website.
  • To support exam success, delegates will be required to complete two to three hours home work each evening. Delegates need to be aware of the significant amount of evening work required in this course and ensure that they are able to set aside sufficient time to complete the required homework.
  • During the course you will asked to provide written permission which enables CourseMonster to pass on your pass mark to your employer.

Course Outline

The Change Management Foundation course gives delegates the opportunity to comprehensively explore current thinking on how to manage organisation change. Classroom sessions will introduce delegates to the Foundation level content of The Effective Change Manager's Handbook and provide an opportunity to test their understanding through practical group work. Additional evening work will be required in the form of consolidation reading and mock examination questions. The evening work is an integral part of the course and delegates should expect to spend approximately two and half hours on these activities each evening.

The course will cover the following syllabus areas:

Change and the organisation

Defining change

Organisations are exposed to wide variety of factors which they need to respond to in order to survive and prosper. Delegates will consider

    Why their organisations need to change and the implications for this on the design of the change programme

Change, the organisation and the individual

A change management perspective

Successful change typically involves careful design and delivery of new products, services or processes. However the same care and attention is also needed for the "people" element of any change. Delegates will consider:

  • The impact of change on the individual and what implications this has when planning change
  • How different organisational cultures can affect the change experience
  • What frameworks are available support the creation of a "people focused" change management plan
  • Key roles in supporting successful change

Education and learning support

Change usually involves people learning new ways of working. Effective change management recognises this and incorporates learning and development into the change management plan. Delegates will consider:

  • The process of learning
  • Identifying and meeting learning needs
  • The implications of "learning styles" when designing learning interventions

Communications and stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder strategy

Change agents need to understand who will be affected by the change so that their requirements can be taken into account while minimising disruption to current operational performance. Delegates will learn how to:

  • Identify and analyse stakeholders
  • Develop effective influencing strategies

Communication and engagement

Effective communications are fundamental to any successful change. Delegates will consider:

  • The theory of effective communications
  • The use of different communication channels
  • How to develop a communications plan
  • How to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the communications

Change management in practice

Change impact

Change does not occur in isolation. Change agents will need to manage the relationship between the change journey, business continuity and successfully embedding the change. Delegates will be shown:

    Tools that help assess the wider impacts of the change and so ensure a comprehensive change management plan is developed

Change readiness, planning and measurement

Even if an organisation is effective today, change is likely to be heading its way. Successful organisations start planning for change long before it becomes a necessity. Delegates will learn how to:

  • Build motivation to change
  • Build organisational readiness for change
  • Prepare for resistance

Personal and professional management

One individual is unlikely to be able to undertake all the activities to support successful change. Typically teams will be involved in supporting and shaping the change. Delegates will consider how to:

    Develop effective teams to help manage change

Change Management Foundation Examination

The examination is:

  • Externally accredited by the APMG
  • 40 minutes
  • Closed book
  • Multiple-choice (with 50 questions and a pass mark of 25/50)

Delegates will be provided with sample examination papers so they can text their understanding of the course material and prepare for the Foundation examination

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