Agile For Product Owners

2 days


Build your skillset and ensure that the right product is built the right way, to most effectively solve the right business problem.

Product Ownership is a team sport. It is also a crucial and complex activity; easy in principle hard in practice. Your role is an important part of any product development approach, irrespective of the approach being taken. As a Product Owner, you require clarity of vision, alignment with organisational strategy, understanding of the development process and the ability to communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders across all levels, both inside and outside the organisation.

Attend Agile Product Ownership and gain the techniques and tools to enable you to become an effective product owner that is equipped to guide product development, and lead product ownership teams. This IC Agile accredited course will focus on the roles in the value management team, and how they collaborate to identify the most important aspects and features of a product. You will provide guidance for technical team members who build the working product.

Certification: This course is the first step in the IC Agile Business Value Management (BVM) pathway and covers all of the learning objectives of the Business Value Analysis certification (ICP-BVA). This certification is granted on successful completion of this course (see prerequisites).

"The hardest part of building any software system is determining precisely what to build." Fredrick Brooks

This course does not focus on the technical practices of product development, rather on the guiding and leadership aspects needed to ensure the right product is built in the right way, and how these practices fit into an Agile development lifecycle.


  • You if you are filling the role of a Product Manager, Product Owner, Product Champion or Agile Customer
  • You if you form part of the extended team of people supporting the product owner including technical architects, UX designers, business analysts, IV and V specialist testers, auditors and others who influence or guide product development


This course builds on your existing knowledge of the Agile mind-set and practices. You also need to understand your organisation's product development process in order to get the maximum benefit from this course.

  • If you would like a formal grounding in Agile practices then consider attending Software Education's Agile Fundamentals course
  • ICP Certification received on Agile Fundamentals or through IC Agile's recognition of Equivalent Prior Learning (EPL) is a prerequisite for receiving the ICP-BVA Certification.

Course Outline

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities involved in product ownership
  • Learn how to use a number of tools to help identify which products should be built to maximise business value using tools such as purpose alignment model, kano analysis, value stream mapping
  • Understand how to build a product roadmap and link that to business outcomes
  • Use personas and product design workshops to help define features and quality goals for building a product roadmap
  • Understand the shape of a well-formed backlog and how to populate it progressively
  • Learn and practice techniques such as story mapping, prioritisation and backlog grooming to build a release plan
  • Use paper prototyping and usability heuristics to guide the design of the product
  • Elaborate stories for development on a just-in-time basis while ensuring the design principles and architectural guidelines are adhered to

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