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This seminar covers the features of HP enterprise networking products that are part of the HP A-Series family based on HP's Comware operating environment. This seminar provides and overview of some of the key aspects of the product architecture and configurability. Although each user's goals and environments are different, there are several concepts that will help the student to understand how take advantage of HP network products and deploy them effectively in any environment. This seminar is aimed at Network Engineers and Managers who are planning or considering HP enterprise network products for their next generation network architecture. Learn about why HP networking products are at the heart of the next generation data center network and the key differentiators.


  • Network Engineers and Administrators.
  • Network Architects and Consultants.


  • The students should have experience in the networking field to get the most from this seminar.

Key topics

  • HP Enterprise Networking Overview - Configure VLANs - Configure Aggregate Interface - Link Agregation in ComWare - RSTP overview and configuration
  • Introduction to Basic Routing - Static and Dynamic Routing - IRFv2 Overview - MAD - IMC Overview - Device Discovery
  • Introduction to Basic Switching - VLAN Trunk Interface - LACP - STP - MSTP overview and configuration - OSPF overview and configuration
  • IRF -Intelligent Resilient Framework - Building and Maintaining IRF
  • IMC - HP Intelligent Management Center - Device Setup Courses -->

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