IBM Case Manager 5.2 Solution Implementation F219G

5 days


This course provides a comprehensive guide to designing, developing, and securing a Case Manager solution.

NOTE: This is a combo of IBM Case Manager 5.2: Solution Building (F248G) + IBM Case Manager 5.2: Security (F216G) + IBM Case Manager 5.2: Integrated Rules (F214G) as a 5 day complete Case Mgr 5.2 ILT course.


This intermediate-level course is for:

  • Solution architects design, build, and validate Case Manager Solutions within the development environment. They have full control of all the tools within that development environment.


Familiarity with IBM FileNet Content Manager. Ability to use IBM Content Navigator for navigating object stores, and working with content.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to IBM Case Manager
    • Describe the uses of IBM Case Manager
    • Identify components of IBM Case Manager
    • Create and process a case
    • Review and split a case
    • Explore and identify parts of a solution
    • Describe solution design principles
    • Create a Custom Task
    • Identify add-on components and describe what they are used for
  • Build a Case Manager Solution
    • Create properties, document types, roles and in-baskets
    • Create a case type and task
    • Create a Workflow
    • Deploy and Test a Solution
    • Use Preconditions and Sets
    • Use Business Rules
    • Use Process Designer Integration Capabilities
  • Customize the Client Display
    • Create custom pages
    • Work with widgets
    • Wire events
    • Customize properties views
  • Security
    • Manage solution security in development and production environments.
  • Integrated Rules
    • Create business rules using the integrated rules engine.

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