Implementing Hosted Collaboration Solution

10 days


  • This Implementing course prepares delegates to implement and maintain the full hosted collaboration solution covering all its products in a cloud basis. This course focuses primarily on Cisco Unified Communications Version 10.1, utilizing the HCS tools and features to deploy this UC as a hosted cloud solution for service providers and huge enterprises, also it covers the additional features for the UC as Unity connection, IM and Presence server, the operation and service monitor.
  • It covers the UCS implementation and management through the Fabric interconnect and the use of the Cisco Nexus 1000 and the VmWare ESXi platform all managed as one solution.
  • Delegates will perform post-installation tasks, starting with the integrations, simple administration and the operation, utilizing the knowledge of various protocols.


This course is designed for: Network Administrators, Collaboration Cloud Admins, Service Provider / Managed Services Operators

Skills Gained

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the Cisco Hosted collaboration solution, including its Unified Communications Manager deployment functions, architecture, deployment and redundancy options.
  • Describe the different products under the HCS architecture
  • Understand the UCS and its features
  • Describe the different management interfaces for the HCS
  • Manage and operate the CUCM, Unity Connection, IM, Presence
  • Describe the use of Vmware and the features used within the HCS
  • Work with the UCS manager and test its features


The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Working knowledge of fundamental terms and concepts of computer networking, including LANs, WANs, and IP switching and routing
  • Ability to configure and operate Cisco routers and switches and to enable VLANs and DHCP
  • Basics of digital interfaces, PSTN, and VoIP
  • Fundamental knowledge of converged voice and data networks
  • Ability to configure Cisco IOS gateways with traditional and VoIP call legs
  • Prior attendance of the following is recommended: ICND1, and ICND2 or CCNABC.

Course Outline

  • Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) system overview
  • Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) architecture
  • UC Infrastructure Layer
  • Telephony Aggregation Layer
  • Management Layer
  • HCS Data Center and network architecture
  • HCS capacity planning
  • HCS Licensing and license server deployment
  • Cisco Unified Communication Manager
  • Understanding Cisco Unified Communication Manager architecture
  • Managing services and initial configuration of CUCM
  • Managing user accounts in CUCM
  • Implementing IP phones
  • Configuring CUCM call routing components
  • Using Partitions and CCSs to implement call privilege for off-net calls
  • Configuring Cisco Unified Mobility
  • Cisco Unity Connection -Integration CUC with CUCM
  • Configuring CUC system
  • Using CUC Partitions and Search Spaces
  • Configuring CUC users
  • Cisco Unified Presence -Understanding Cisco IM and Presence Server
  • Configuring Cisco IM and Presence Server
  • HCS service fulfilment architecture
  • Hosted Collaboration Mediation - Fulfilment (HCM-F) 10.1(2) Overview
  • Shared Data Repository (SDR) Overview
  • Hosted Collaboration Mediation - Fulfilment (HCM-F) 10.1(2) Deployment and Clustering
  • Hosted Collaboration Mediation - Fulfilment (HCM-F) 10.1(2) Functionalities and Services
  • Cisco Unified Collaboration Domain Manager (CUCDM) 10.1(1) Overview
  • Cisco Unified Collaboration Domain Manager (CUCDM) 10.1(1) Deployment and Clustering
  • Operating Hosted Collaboration Mediation - Fulfilment (HCM-F) 10.1(2)
  • Configuring and Using Service Inventory
  • Configuring and Using Infrastructure Manager
  • Configuring and Using Platform Manager
  • Configuring Licensing
  • Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT) reporting
  • Backup and Restore Tasks
  • Operating Cisco Unified Collaboration Domain Manager (CUCDM) 10.1(1)
  • Configuring CUCDM Hierarchy
  • Setting up CUCM, CUCxN and CUCMIMP in CUCDM 10.1(1)
  • Managing Users in CUCDM 10.1.(1)
  • LDAP integration and managing customer's LDAP in CUCDM 10.1(1)
  • Managing Subscribers and Subscribers' Features
  • CUCDM 10.1(1) Bulk Administration
  • CUCDM for Contact Center
  • CUCDM for Contact Center Overview
  • Cisco Unified Boarder Element SP
  • CUBE-SP Overview
  • SS7 PSTN Integration with PGW2200
  • PGW2200 Overview
  • Cisco Collaboration
  • Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment Overview
  • Cisco Collaboration Deployment (PCD)
  • Cisco Collaboration Deployment (PCD) Overview
  • Cisco Collaboration Deployment (PCD) Backup and Migration Features
  • Cisco Collaboration Assurance (PCA)
  • Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Features
  • Prime Collaboration Contact Center Assurance Feature Support
  • PCA Audio and Video Endpoints Monitoring
  • PCA Diagnostics and Reports
  • Cisco Unified Computing System
  • Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) architecture
  • Cisco UCS LAN connectivity
  • Cisco UCS SAN connectivity
  • Configuring Cisco UCS B-series servers
  • VMware Virtualization Components

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