Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Containerized Application Development

1 days


The performance-based Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Containerizing Software Application Development exam tests your ability to implement and run services as Docker containers.

A container designer who earns the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Containerizing Software Application Development has demonstrated the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to create and update container images, and to run and link containers.


  • Experienced Linux system administrators responsible for the planning, deployment, and management of multiple physical or virtualized servers
  • Experienced Linux systems administrators responsible for implementing DevOps practices

An RHCE interested in earning a Red Hat Certificate of Expertise or Red Hat Certified

Architect (RHCA) credential

Skills Gained

  • Preparation:
  • Red Hat encourages all candidates for the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Configuration Management with Puppet exam to consider taking the Configuration Management with Puppet course (DO405). Attendance in the course is not required so one can choose to take just the exam.
  • While attending Red Hat courses can be an important part of one's preparation to take this exam, attending courses does not guarantee success on the exam. Previous experience, practice, and native aptitude are also important determinants of success.
  • Many books and other resources on using Red Hat's products are available. Red Hat does not officially endorse any as preparation guides for its exam. Nevertheless, you may find additional reading deepens understanding and can prove helpful.


  • Hold a current RHCE certification at exam time
  • Have Red Hat Configuration Management with Puppet (DO405) or equivalent experience
  • Understand that actual system administration experience is also an important aspect of preparation for the exam

Review exam objectives for the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Configuration Management with Puppet exam

Course Outline

Study points for the exam

To help you prepare, review the exam objectives, which highlight the task areas you can expect to see on the exam.

Candidates should have the following skills and abilities:

Implementing images

  • Understand and use FROM (the concept of a base image)
  • Understand and use RUN
  • Understand and use ADD
  • Understand and use COPY
  • Understand the difference between ADD and COPY
  • Understand and use WORKDIR and USER ◦Understand security-related topics

Understand the differences and applicability of CMD versus ENTRYPOINT ◦Understand ENTRYPOINT with param

  • Understand and use ONBUILD
  • Understand when and how to EXPOSE port from a Dockerfile
  • Understand and use environment variables inside images ◦Understand how ENV is used to allow multiple containers work together
  • Understand container VOLUME ◦Mount a host directory as a data volume ◾Understand security and permissions requirement related to this approach
  • Create and mount a data volume container ◾Understand lifecycle and 'clean up' requirement of this approach

Managing images

  • Understand private registry security
  • Interact with many different registries
  • Understand and use image tags
  • Push and pull images from/to registries
  • Backup an image with its layers and meta datas versus backup a container state

Running containers locally

  • Link containers ◦Connect with the linking system
  • Understand and apply environment variables naming requirement while using the linking system
  • Get container logs
  • Listen to Docker events on the Docker host
  • Use Docker inspect
  • Share data between containers ◦Use a mounted host directory as a data volume
  • Use and mount a data volume container
  • Understand host and container basic security best practices

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