Deploying Voice Workloads for Skype for Business Online and Server 2015

5 days


This five-day instructor-led course teaches how to design, plan, and deploy the various voice solutions available with Skype for Business Online and Skype for Business Server 2015.


Each participant will leave with a recognised certificate

Course Outline

  • This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to configure and manage Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling, Cloud PBX with On-Premises PSTN Connectivity, Cloud Connector Edition, and on-premises Enterprise Voice. This course will also provide procedures, guidelines, best practices, and other important considerations that will help you implement, optimize, and troubleshoot Skype for Business Online and Skype for Business Server 2015 voice solutions. This course helps students prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-333 “Deploying Enterprise Voice with Skype for Business 2015.”

Module 1: Introduction to Voice Workloads

  • Designing a Skype for Business voice solution requires the understanding of many technologies. With Microsoft's latest cloud based voice services, customers now have even more flexibility in deploying a voice solution for their enterprise, but with that flexibility comes further complexities that must be understood. In this module, you will learn about basic VoIP concepts, how they evolved from early telephony technologies, as well as Office 365 services and Microsoft's entry into the voice world. You will also learn about on-premises and cloud based voice offerings now available as part of the Skype for Business product set.
  • Lessons
  • Voice Overview
  • Designing Voice Workloads
  • Skype for Business Ecosystem
  • SIP Basics and Routing
  • Lab : Customizing Your Lab Environment
  • Configuring the On-Premises Organization

Module 2: Assess Network and Voice Deployment Options

  • In this module, you will learn how to perform a network readiness assessment for an implementation of Skype for Business Server 2015 or Skype for Business Online. This module coincides with the Skype Operations Framework (SOF) Plan phase. Specifically, this module aligns with the Envision, Assess, and Design stages. You will learn about Skype for Business Online and Skype for Business Server 2015 features and functionality. You will also learn the supported architectures for Skype for Business Online and Skype for Business Server 2015.
  • Network Planning and Assessment
  • Skype for Business Features and Functionality
  • Plan your Cloud PBX Solution
  • Lab : Configuring Identity Federation with Office 365
  • Adding a Custom Domain and Enabling Directory Synchronization in Office 365
  • Performing Directory Synchronization
  • Installing and Configuring Active Directory Federation Services
  • Enabling Single Sign-On with Office 365

Module 3: Split Domain Configuration

  • In this module, you will learn what is meant by the term split domain and what it describes relative to the Skype for Business product. You will also learn the benefits of split domain, the prerequisites needed to deploy this environment, and how to provision users once it's been configured. Finally, you will learn to troubleshoot common issues.
  • Split Domain Overview
  • Split Domain Requirements
  • Split Domain Deployments
  • User Provisions and Migration
  • Troubleshooting Split Domain Related Issues
  • Lab : Setting up Split Domain with Skype for Business Online
  • Setting up Split Domain with Skype for Business Online
  • Moving Users to Skype for Business Online
  • Verifying the Split Domain Skype for Business User Experience
  • Managing Users in Skype for Business Online

Module 4: Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling and Conferencing

  • Cloud PBX is a Microsoft-based PBX solution offered in Office 365. Cloud PBX enables organizations to eliminate their existing PBX infrastructure and migrate PBX functionality, as well as existing telephone numbers, to Office 365. Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) Calling provides a PSTN connection for users via Microsoft Calling Plans. PSTN Conferencing has been integrated into Skype for Business Online Meetings capability in Office 365 which allow users to create, manage, and host their own online meetings with PSTN integration for easy dial-in access.
  • Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling Features
  • PSTN Conferencing and Meeting Features
  • Skype for Business Server 2015 Dial-in Conferencing
  • Lab : Configuring Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling
  • Enabling Users for PSTN Calling in Skype for Business Online
  • Using Online PSTN Calling Features
  • Enabling Users for Cloud PSTN Conferencing
  • Using PSTN Conferencing in Skype for Business Online

Module 5: Enterprise Voice (On-Premises)

  • In this module, you will learn about Skype for Business Server 2015 Enterprise Voice. Enterprise Voice is a unified communications solution delivered by Skype for Business Server 2015. Enterprise Voice enables organizations to send and receive calls via the Publicly Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). You will learn how to configure voice componen

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