Java SOA Enterprise Architecture

3 days


Delegates will gain an understanding of the methods needed to create application blueprints that work well when implementing Enterprise Java. This includes effective decision making through the use of systemic qualities (such as scalability and flexibility), Java EE technology blueprints and design patterns, and iterative and incremental development.


This course is designed for software architects and designers using Enterprise Java in developing n-tiered systems. The course provides students with the ability to set up a (SOA) based architecture and design software using Enterprise Java to create robust enterprise applications that allow for rapid change and growth and other systematic qualities.


Delegates need to understand the different components of J2EE and have an appreciation of UML.

This course is available on site only. Please call for details.

Course Outline

  • Business Architecture: Service-Based Design & Development
  • Introduction to Service Orientation.
  • Describing a Service Oriented Process (SOP).
  • Applying sCBD's Component Modeling.
  • The Requirements Capture Phase.
  • Defining the Service Architecture.
  • Enterprise Architectures and the justification for using Java EE
  • The Technical Enterprise Architecture.
  • Java EE as a Candidate Framework for your Architecture.
  • Java EE vendors and products available.
  • Technical overview of J2EE
  • Overview of the Complete architecture.
  • Presentation Tier.
  • Application Tier.
  • EIS Tier.
  • Security Issues.
  • Mapping to the Technical Architecture
  • Design Patterns summary.
  • Mapping Components to a distributed Java EE Environment.
  • The Internal Design Phase.
  • Introduction to UML 2.0
  • Use-Case Models in UML 2.0.
  • Structural and Implementation models.
  • Dynamic models.
  • Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
  • Overview of MDA.
  • MDA Applied in an Actual Design.

The Future of Java SOA

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