OnCommand Insight Intelligent Operation

2 days


In this course you will become familiar with some of the most important features of OnCommand Insight relevant to the day-to-day management, monitoring, and trouble-shooting of data infrastructures.


Each participant will leave with a recognised certificate

Course Outline

  • This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:
  • Create near-time visual representations of data infrastructure components
  • Create Storage Area Network infrastructure policies and alerts
  • Create data infrastructure performance policies and alerts
  • Troubleshoot performance issues within a data infrastructure
  • Associate compute components with applications for application infrastructure performance monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Integrate new assets into an OnCommand Insight environment

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Upcoming Dates

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Course Location Days Cost Date
Eschborn Eschborn2 1536 £1536 2019-09-19
Wallisellen Wallisellen2 1536 £1536 2019-09-19
Midlands Birmingham2 1536 £1536 2019-10-03
Edinburgh Edinburgh2 1536 £1536 2019-10-03
Bristol Bristol2 1536 £1536 2019-10-03
Devon Exeter2 1536 £1536 2019-10-03
Madrid Madrid2 1536 £1536 2019-10-07
Berlin Berlin2 1536 £1536 2019-10-10
Bristol Bristol2 1536 £1536 2019-12-05
Devon Exeter2 1536 £1536 2019-12-05
Midlands Birmingham2 1536 £1536 2019-12-05
Edinburgh Edinburgh2 1536 £1536 2019-12-05