AIX System Administration Part2

2 days


This course aims to provide attendees with the additional knowledge required to:

  • Closely monitor the performance and optimally tune an AIX based system
  • Satisfactorily cope with the day-to-day monitoring of a multi-user AIX site
  • Identify performance issues and devise strategies to overcome them


This course is for experienced AIX System Administrators, or delegates who have recently attended our AIX System Administration Part 1 course.

Skills Gained

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Attendance on the AIX Basics and AIX System Administration - Part I courses or similar knowledge is required. Shell Programming knowledge is beneficial but not essential. This skill can be gained by attending the AIX Shell Programming course.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to AIX System Administration
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Tuning
  • Optimisation
  • Workload
  • Nothing in Isolation
  • Objective Performance
  • System Types
  • Site Specific Systems
  • The Global Picture
  • Performance Related Areas
  • The Kernel
  • CPU and Process Monitoring
  • Processes
  • Some System Processes
  • Timing Commands
  • The Timex Command
  • Scheduler
  • Priorities
  • Real Time Processes
  • Allocating Priority
  • Changing Priority
  • The uptime Command
  • The w Command
  • The iostat Command
  • The vmstat Command
  • Data Collection Utilities
  • Collecting System Activity Data
  • Producing System Activity Reports
  • Monitoring CPU Activity
  • Examining Process Queue Activity
  • Monitoring System Call Activity
  • Resource utilisation by completed processes
  • Improving CPU Performance
  • The sched o command
  • Virtual Memory Manager
  • Paging Space
  • List Page Space
  • Add Page Space
  • Change Paging Space Characteristics
  • Remove Page Space
  • Virtual Memory Statistics
  • Display current state of Virtual Memory
  • Monitoring Virtual Memory Activity
  • Reduced Memory System Simulator
  • Using rmss to run a command over a range of memory sizes
  • Improving Virtual Memory Management
  • Using the vmo command to change kernel characteristics
  • Logical Volume Management
  • Disk Access Times
  • Mirroring
  • Scheduling Policies
  • Disk Allocation Policies
  • Inter-Physical Volume Allocation Policy
  • Intra-Physical Volume Allocation Policy
  • Listing Physical Volumes
  • Listing Logical Volumes
  • Monitoring the performance of the file system
  • Displaying placement of file's blocks
  • Monitoring File System Activity
  • Future Directions
  • Appendix A
  • UNIX Accounting System
  • Logical Volume Manager Commands

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