CICS Concepts and Facilities

2 days


This course provides a detailed discussion of CICS concepts and features. Delegates' new knowledge is put into practice during several workshops throughout the course.

Topics include a review of the history, functional features and operational characteristics of the CICS product.

After completing this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the basic structure of CICS and it's transaction processing facilities.
  • Describe the principal functions and facilities provided by CICS.
  • Understand how resources are defined to CICS.
  • Understand the CICS application development process.
  • Describe CICS recovery facilities.


This course is perfect for any data processing personnel who are in need of a general introduction to the CICS product, including those with a background in applications, systems, operations or management.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Online Systems
  • Online systems vs. Batch and PCs.
  • Personnel involved in support and use.
  • CICS Concepts
  • Brief history.
  • Supported platforms.
  • z/OS Environment.
  • CICS Function.
  • CICS Architecture.
  • Domains.
  • Storage Management.
  • Transaction isolation.
  • Functions and Facilities
  • Control Programs.
  • Resources.
  • Life of a task.
  • Inter-system Communication.
  • Work sharing capability.
  • Terminal Facilities
  • 3270 Data Stream.
  • BMS Maps.
  • Map types.
  • Terminal operation.
  • IBM Supplied procedures.
  • WEB Facilities
  • CICS WEB support.
  • WEB-aware programs.
  • Non-WEB-aware programs.
  • BMS Implications.
  • VTAM vs. TCPIP.
  • Data Handling Facilities
  • File Control.
  • VSAM Support.
  • Data Tables.
  • Database support.
  • Temporary Storage.
  • Transient Data Queues.
  • Task initiation.
  • CICS and DB2
  • The CICS / DB2 Connection.
  • Types of thread.
  • How threads work.
  • Attachment Transactions – DSNC.
  • Resource Definition
  • Online via CEDA.
  • Batch via DFHCSDUP.
  • Auto-install.
  • System Programming Interface.
  • Resource packaging.
  • Groups and Lists.
  • Resource installation process.
  • Programming
  • Conversational vs. Pseudo-conversational.
  • Programming Interface.
  • Handling exceptions.
  • Programming aids.
  • Program control.
  • Data transfer.
  • Channels and Containers.
  • Recovery and Restart
  • System integrity.
  • Recoverable resources.
  • Dynamic Transaction Back-out.
  • Emergency restart.
  • Recovery options.
  • Supplied Transactions
  • CEMT.
  • CEBR.
  • CECI.
  • CEDA.
  • CEDF & CEDX.
  • CETR.
  • CMAC.

CICS/Batch Interface

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