CICS Transaction Debugging

3 days


Upon completion of this course, attendees will:

  • Be able to confidently debug transactions dumps
  • Be more self-sufficient when dealing with application problems
  • Understand the methodologies of dump solving

A number of practical workshops are included to reinforce the lecture content.


This course is perfect for CICS Systems and Applications Programmers who are responsible for solving CICS Systems and Transaction dumps.


Delegates should have two-to-three years experience coding CICS Command Level Applications, and should have some knowledge of programming.

Knowledge of COBOL is desirable but not essential.

Course Outline

Introduction to CICS Dumps

Understanding Data/Protection Exceptions 0C4 and 0C7 Program checks.

  • Analysing the Dump Information
  • Exec Interface Block.
  • Transaction Abnormal Condition Block.
  • The Program Status Word.
  • The General Purposes Registers.

CICS Internal Design

  • Debugging a Program Check – Mainline
  • Using the Cobol Programming Listing.
  • The Task Global Table.
  • The CEEDUMP.
  • The LE DSA.

Debugging a Program Check – Subroutine Understanding Save Areas.

Debugging a Program Check – Exec CICS Link

Understanding the Step by Step Methodology of Debugging

CICS Tracing Facilities

Debugging a Program Loop Using Exec CICS Enter Tracenum.

Debugging using Execution Diagnostic Facility

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