CICS Web Enablement

4 days


On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Code the programming changes required to run 3270 based transactions from the Internet/Intranet.
  • Code new Web aware programs using the CICS WEB and DOCUMENT API.


This course will benefit anyone wanting to know more about CICS Web Services and the facilities they offer.

The course covers how to code, manage, plan for and develop standards.


Delegates should have a sound understanding of the CICS environment.

Some internet experience would be advantageous but not essential.

Course Outline

Why use CICS with the Internet?

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • TCP/IP.
  • Web Browsers.
  • HTML and URLs.
  • HTTP and Ports.
  • Javascript.
  • Java and Applets.
  • Overview of CICS Web Services Technologies
  • CICS Web Services.
  • CICS Gateway for Java.
  • Websphere Web Server.
  • 3270 Bridge.
  • BMS/HTML and new DFH macros.
  • Front End Programming Interface(FEPI).
  • External Call Interface(EXCI).
  • External Presentation Interface(EPI).
  • EXCI and WebSphere.
  • Application Design Considerations
  • Re-using existing applications.
  • Applications with separate business and presentation logic.
  • Applications without separate presentation logic.
  • Transaction construction considerations.
  • Security.
  • Digital Certificates.
  • Encryption.
  • Session Management (Pseudo-Conversational Programs)
  • Cookies vs. Temp Storage vs. Commarea.
  • TS Management and CICS Commands.
  • Garbage Collection.
  • Time Out considerations.
  • CICS Web Interface
  • Structure.
  • CWS Listener CSOL and CWXN.
  • IBM Standard URL.
  • Hard vs. Soft URLs.
  • Converters.
  • Analyzers.
  • Writing Custom Converters.
  • WEB Aware Programs.
  • WEB Unaware Programs.
  • BMS/HTML and new DFH MACROS.
  • NEW EXEC CICS WEBCommands.
  • Sample application exercise.
  • Workshops
  • Review of the CICS definitions and URL layout required to drive the CWI.
  • Testing the CWI using the CICS supplied test program.
  • Running CICS Supplied Transactions using the 3270 BRIDGE.
  • Legacy - Web Unaware Programs
  • Creating HTML templates from BMS code.
  • Exporting and importing the HTML template to Notepad on a PC.
  • Modifying HTML output using New BMS DFH MACROS.
  • Testing 3270 based transactions using the 3270 BRIDGE.
  • New - Web Aware Programs
  • Code HTML templates in Notepad on the PC.
  • Code programs on the Mainframe.
  • Run and test the programs from a Browser on the Internet/Intranet.

Summary The whole CICS Internet picture in perspective.

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