Coaching Skills for IT Managers

2 days


Delegates will work with an experienced and qualified coach to develop their own skills using leading-edge techniques.

By attending this course, delegates will:

  • Be able to clarify exactly what coaching is.
  • Discover the benefits that coaching brings to the workplace.
  • Explore and develop real listening as a crucial coaching skill.
  • Become aware of important language patterns during coaching.
  • Be able to highlight the subjectivity of experience and its role in coaching.
  • Attain an appropriate state of mind for coaching.
  • Investigate useful coaching frameworks.
  • Explore and experience feedback as a key element in coaching.
  • Be able to identify opportunities to reap benefits by coaching in their own workplace.
  • Be able to find resources for support when coaching in the future.


This course is perfect for IT managers looking to tap into the unused potential in their team and increase performance.

Coaching skills are equally powerful for senior managers through to new team leaders.


The course welcomes a curiosity about coaching but it does not assume any prior coaching experience.

Course Outline

  • Benefits of Coaching
  • What is coaching?
  • Coaching styles.
  • Coaching goals - when is coaching appropriate.
  • Useful presuppositions.
  • Model of Experience
  • Mental maps.
  • Perceptual filters.
  • Representational systems.
  • Advanced Listening
  • Rapport skills.
  • Sensory acuity.
  • Language Skills
  • Working with deletions, distortions and generalisations.
  • Predicate language.
  • Incisive questions.
  • Feedback Skills
  • Receiving feedback.
  • How to make it heard.
  • Feeding forward.
  • Coaching State
  • Managing own state.
  • Influencing state in others.
  • Coaching Structures
  • TGROW.
  • Logical levels.
  • Incremental change (habits).
  • Coaching Relationship
  • The professional alliance.
  • Coaching agreement.
  • Contrast with other roles.
  • Confidentiality issues.
  • Coaching Resources
  • People.
  • Books.
  • Web.
  • Contacts.
  • Support groups.
  • Next Steps
  • Opportunities.
  • Actions.
  • Accountability.
  • Review.

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Course Location Days Cost Date
Onsite2 1400 1400 2019-07-16
Manchester1 460 £460 2019-07-19
London1 460 £460 2019-07-23
Bristol1 460 £460 2019-08-12
London1 460 £460 2019-08-15
Leeds1 460 £460 2019-08-16
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Manchester2 1300 £1300 2019-09-16
Glasgow2 1300 £1300 2019-09-16
Birmingham1 460 £460 2019-09-18
Leeds1 460 £460 2019-10-09
London1 460 £460 2019-11-11