IMS Data Sharing in a Sysplex

3 days


This course is aimed at teaching delegates to implement Block Level Data Sharing in an IMSPLEX.

After completing the course, delegates will be able to understand:

  • All the components of Block Level Data Sharing.
  • The changes to locking consequent on the new Lock Manager (IRLM).
  • The optional staged approaches to BLDS.
  • The MVS Sysplex tasks required to support BLDS.
  • The IMS tasks required to support BLDS.
  • Operating data sharing in an IMSPLEX.
  • Testing and recovery scenarios.
  • Fastpath changes.


Systems programmers, technical support staff and database administrators who are responsible for the installation, operation, maintenance and support of the IMS product.


Successful completion of our IMS Technical Introduction course is a prerequisite for this class. A basic understanding of Parallel Sysplex and z/OS is assumed and attending our z/OS for Beginners and Parallel Sysplex Technical Overview classes is recommended.

Course Outline

  • Components of Block Level Data Sharing (BLDS) in an IMSPLEX.
  • New Lock Manager IRLM.
  • Changes to Locking.
  • Deadlock Handling.
  • Use of SYSPLEX and Coupling Facility.
  • Definition of BLDS.
  • Staged implementation of BLDS.
  • Operational Aspects.
  • IMS/IRLM Commands.
  • Utilities.
  • Batch.
  • Recovery Test scenarios for BLDS.
  • Performance and Monitoring of the IMSPLEX.
  • Fastpath Data Sharing.
  • Shared VSOs.
  • Shared SDEPs.

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