What's New in Java 8

2 days


Oracle recently released Java 8. This course lifts the lid on the host of new features in this exciting new platform.

Delegates will learn:

  • Using lambda expressions
  • Understanding method and constructor references
  • Defining and using functional interfaces
  • Using sequential and parallel streams
  • Using various API enhancements


Java programmers wishing to gain an appreciation and practical understanding of the new features available in Oracle's Java 8.


Good experience with Java SE 7.

Course Outline

  • Setting the scene
  • What is Java 8?
  • Where can I get it
  • What tools are available
  • Lambda expressions
  • What are lambda expressions
  • Formal syntax for lambda expressions
  • Lambda expression simple syntax
  • Lambda expressions that return a value
  • Lambda expressions with multiple arguments
  • Lambda expressions and scope
  • Common usage scenarios
  • Method enhancements
  • Method references
  • Constructor references
  • Default methods
  • Static methods in interfaces
  • New functional interfaces
  • Function
  • Predicate
  • Consumer
  • Supplier
  • BinaryOperator
  • Additional new functional interfaces
  • Streams
  • Sequential vs. parallel streams
  • Immediate vs. terminal operations
  • Stream example
  • Lazy evaluation
  • A closer look at immediate and terminal operations
  • Primitive-specialized streams
  • Enhanced collections API
  • Iteration
  • New methods in List
  • New methods in Map
  • Enhanced concurrency API
  • ConcurrentHashMap
  • CompletableFuture
  • CountedCompleter
  • Adders and accumulators
  • Additional new features
  • Some additional bits 'n' pieces
  • Time
  • IO / NIO additions
  • Reflection and annotation changes
  • Nashorn JavaScript Engine

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