z VM In Depth

2 days


This course provides an introduction to CMS under VM/ESA and z/VM.

Planning and administration of VM/ESA or z/VM are also covered.

At the end of this course, delegates will understand:

  • Important CMS concepts.
  • How to manage a file system.
  • The online help facility.
  • How to use windowing commands and full-screen CMS.
  • How to create and use simple execs in the CMS environment.
  • System planning and administration.
  • Dynamic I/O configuration planning.
  • User planning and administration.
  • Storage planning and administration.
  • Saved Segment planning and administration.
  • CMS planning and administration.


This course will benefit users, operators and systems programmers who require a detailed understanding of CMS facilities and a technical knowledge of I/O, storage and general system administration.


It is expected that delegates will have previously attended our z/VM Overview class, or an equivalent level of knowledge.

Course Outline

  • CP and CMS Environment.
  • Logon.
  • Starting CMS (IPL CMS).
  • VM 3270 screen layout.
  • Using CP and CMS Commands.
  • Command synonyms.
  • Online HELP system.
  • CMS Virtual Machine configuration.
  • CMS files, Minidisks and the Shared File System.
  • CMS command structure.
  • EXEC processing.
  • REXX introduction (what it is).
  • CP Spooling System.
  • XEDIT.
  • ISPF/PDF (differences between z/OS and z/VM).
  • Tape processing.
  • Program development.
  • Disconnecting, reconnecting and logoff.
  • Configuring the VM system.
  • CP privilege classes.
  • The user directory.
  • System maintenance.
  • Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem (RSCS).
  • TCP/IP.
  • Saved Segments.
  • Log message files.

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