Troubleshooting the Cisco ACI

2 days


Classic data centers integrate many different components from many different environments, creating a very complex and decentralized approach to troubleshooting application deployment. Just as ACI allows for centralized management focused on application needs, you can troubleshoot your Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) fabric from a centralized location with the requirements of the application in mind.

The first step in any troubleshooting scenario is to fully understand your existing ACI environment. In this two day course, you have the option of configuring your own fabric as a foundation for the troubleshooting labs or discover a pre-built environment. Either path is designed to help you better understand your existing environment and is key to troubleshooting any problem.

You will use common ACI troubleshooting tools, such as Visore, API Inspector, and various show commands to identify problems that impact fabric-wide connectivity. You will use the APIC CLI to expose misconfigurations that trigger fault messages in the APIC GUI and practice applying GUI and CLI tools to various troubleshooting scenarios.


Anyone looking to gain an understanding of how to troubleshoot an ACI Fabric, including tools such as Viscore and API Inspector.

Skills Gained

After completing this course you should be able to troubleshoot:

  • Interface policies
  • Switch profiles
  • VRFs
  • Bridge domains
  • EPGs
  • Vswitch policy
  • VMM domain integrations
  • VLAN pools
  • VM connectivity
  • OSPF interface policy
  • OSPF neighbor relationship
  • Advertising subnets
  • Protocol filters
  • Contracts between tenants



Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

  • DCICN or DCICT or equivalent knowedge or experience
  • Attended Introduction to Cisco ACI (INTCACI )

Course Outline

Module 1: Discover and verify the current configured Fabric

  • Verify the configured ACI Fabric.

Module 2: Troubleshoot Fabric access policy

  • Troubleshoot interface policies.
  • Troubleshoot switch profiles.

Module 3: Troubleshoot application profile

  • Troubleshoot VRFs.
  • Troubleshoot bridge domains.
  • Troubleshoot EPGs.

Module 4: Troubleshoot VMM domains

  • Troubleshoot Vswitch policies
  • Troubleshoot VMM domain integrations
  • Troubleshoot VLAN pools
  • Troubleshoot VM connectivity

Module 5: Troubleshoot L2 OUT

  • Troubleshoot static path bindings.
  • Troubleshoot physical domains.
  • Troubleshoot VMM domains..

Module 6: Troubleshoot L3 OUT

  • Troubleshoot the OSPF interface policy.
  • Troubleshoot OSPF neighbor relationships.
  • Troubleshoot subnet advertisement.

Module 7: Troubleshooting contracts

  • Troubleshoot protocol filters.
  • Troubleshoot contracts between tenants.

Module 8: wrap-up lab

  • Identify failure points.
  • Where would you go in the GUI or CLI to troubleshoot?
  • Identify proper resolution?


  • Lab 1: Discovery Lab
  • Lab 2: Troubleshooting Fabric Access Policy
  • Lab 3: Troubleshooting Application Profile
  • Lab 4: Troubleshooting VMM domain
  • Lab 5: Troubleshooting Contracts
  • Lab 6: Troubleshooting External L2 Policy
  • Lab 7: Troubleshooting External L3 Policy
  • Lab 8: Wrap-up Lab


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