Connecting With The Team Around You

1 days


This course has been put together using established psychometric theories to help you focus on how to achieve the most productive relationships. Be it with team members or those in your more removed working world, you will have a better insight into their mental idioms. This course will provide you with the reflective capability to decode the confusing messages of others, clients or colleagues.


No matter what department you are in, if you are working with a person, or people, who seem to be wired differently to yourself, this course is designed to help you. It is about reaching a better understanding of how others are thinking, communicating and behaving. This course will furnish you with the reflective capabilities of decoding the confusing messages of others, clients or colleagues.

Skills Gained

Completion of this course, should give candidates the skills to

  • Describe four different leadership styles and their impact on staff
  • Outlines the role and primary responsibilties of a team leader
  • Understand how teams come together and form
  • Appreciate how behaviour affects team performance
  • Demonstrate the key communication skills of an effective team leader
  • Understand the importace of delegation
  • Demonstrate the skills of delivering developmental feedback
  • Create a personal implementation plan

Course Outline

Psychological Exploration

  • Define your key traits and preferences
  • Map the correlation between personality style and behaviour
  • Identify your own strengths and start to map your development areas

Dispel the limiting myths you Have about yourself

  • Understand how you are coming across
  • Explore what you had perceived as weaknesses and understand how to overcome them
  • Give yourself a new lease of confidence and self-understanding

Assessing the Psychological foot print of others

  • Translate behaviour into reason
  • Assess preferable mediums of communication and negotiation
  • Be more understanding of the needs of others
  • Work more effectively with people

Personal Development

  • Prepare a personal action plan to support your return to the workplace
  • These skills will be useful and interesting both inside and outside of work

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