Securing Your Web with Cisco IronPort S-Series SYW

2 days


This comprehensive, two-day course focuses on the S-Series. Extensive lab exercises provide attendees with critical hands-on product experience. The live lab facilities provide a safe environment to experiment with malware, and also to try configurations that might not be appropriate for a production network. At the end of the course attendees will be able to install, operate and maintain the S-Series appliances.


Individuals involved with web security such as, Security Architects and System Designers, Network Administrators and Operations Engineers or Network or Security Managers.


Delegates should meet the following prerequisites :

  • A basic understanding of TCP/IP services, including DNS, SSH, FTP, SNMP, HTTP and HTTPS is assumed - ICND2 recommended
  • A basic understanding of IP routing.
  • Familiarity with HTTP a, including an understanding of web-server and browser administration and operation.
  • It is helpful but not mandatory that attendees have experience with IronPort Email Security Appliances.

Course Outline


Course and Companybackground Product and Malware Overview

  • Overview of S-Series
  • Key Features
  • Malware Threats
  • L4TM Overview and Setup
  • L4TM Oveview
  • L4TM Options
  • Getting Started
  • Lab Connections
  • Web Proxy, Caching and HTTPS Inspection
  • Web Proxy Overview
  • Proxy vs L4TM
  • Available Proxy Services
  • Hopw Policies are assigned
  • Configure and Debug Proxy
  • HTTPS Overview
  • Configuring the HTTPS Proxy Service
  • Web Reputation Filtering
  • WBRS Overview
  • Updates
  • Anti-Malware
  • DVS Overview
  • Webroot Overview
  • McAfee Scanning Overview
  • Working with Webroot and McAfee
  • Authentication
  • Authentication Overview
  • Configuring andTesting
  • Web Security Manager
  • Access Control Overview
  • L4TM Policies
  • Configuring Web Security Manager
  • USe Case Scenarios
  • System Administration
  • Reports
  • Troubleshooting
  • Ports and Tools
  • Logs
  • Alerts
  • CLI ( Command Line Intreface)
  • SNMP
  • Monitoring
  • Other Deployment Scenarios
  • Transparent Proxy Mode
  • Deploymnet Life Cycle
  • Multi-Appliance Deployment

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